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Calcot Manor Spa Accessories at Tesco

At Tesco, they have recently launched a huge new selection of skincare as well as spa accessories. I love products like this for having a pamper but they can be very expensive. This new range from Calcot Manor at Tesco is extremely affordable and I have been so impressed with the three products from the range that I have been trying out recently.
Calcot Manor Spa Accessories at Tesco
Calcot Manor Spa Accessories at Tesco
Calcot Manor Spa Accessories at Tesco
Calcot Manor Spa Accessories at Tesco
The new collection of spa accessories at Tesco is from Calcot Manor which has been designed to provide a little luxury in your own home because, why go to the spa when you can bring the spa to you? There are 11 products in the range with each being under £6 with all the products have a unisex design and some with a wooden theme. I always love to have products like this but they can be a little expensive so I am so happy Tesco now have such an affordable range available. I have been really impressed any many of the new launches at Tesco, some of the new skincare is amazing.

The first of the three products I have been trying out is the Muslin Facecloth Pack which comes as a set of two for just £2.50. As someone who uses a lot of cream based cleansers, these make it so easy to remove the excess but they also help gently exfoliate the skin. I haven't found these to be too harsh on the skin and once I have used them once or twice I just pop them into the washing machine! I also like to use these to remove face masks as they can be a pain to remove with just water. 

The Spa Eye Mask has really impressed me and is my favourite product out of the three that I have. This £3 eye mask as a removable cooling gel insert which you can pop into the fridge to get best results. With many eye masks I have come across, they aren't usually fabric and I love that this one is as it is much more comfortable! This is great to use in the bath while you have a soak, just make sure you don't fall asleep while relaxing! 

The final item I have from the range is the Cactus Bristle Body Brush which is the most expensive in the range but is still only £6. This is going to help naturally exfoliate the skin to leave it feeling smooth and revitalised while invigorating the skin. I have been really liking using this before apply any fake tan to make sure my skin has no dry patches! 

The other products from the range are the Natural Loofah, Exfoliating Mitt, Exfoliating Massage Brush, Wooden Nail Brush, Toweling Bamboo Headband, Spa Bag and Moisturising Gloves. 

All of these products can be found at Tesco - HERE.


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