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Carmex Lip Balms

Can you believe I have never tried Carmex?! How have my lips survived this long without it! Carmex is a well-loved brand in the UK and it seems almost everybody I know uses and loves their products. My lips are dry almost all of the time but recently they had been even drier and nothing would help, until I started using Carmex.
Carmex Lip Balms
Carmex Lip Balms
Carmex Lip Balms
Carmex is a lip balm brand with 13 different ones available on the Superdrug website currently. If you have dry lips, you need to order yourself a pot or tube as your lips will soon love you! The Carmex lip balms are incredibly affordable and are available in so many different retailers in stores and online, I have even spotted it in my local Tesco. The two that I have been trying out are the Moisturising Lip Balm in Cherry with SPF 15 which comes in a squeezy tube as well as the Vanilla Click Stick. Both of these lip balms individually are under £3.50 and work so well for me, I used to spend £20+ on lip balms but I have seriously saved some money now - Thanks, Carmex!

The Moisturising Cherry Lip Balm with SPF 15 is what I have been using every night before I go to bed to ensure that my lips are soft when I wake up in the morning. I love that this comes in a squeezy tube as it is so quick and easy to apply to the lips. This works fantastically well at soothing dry and cracked lips as does the Vanilla Click Stick. Both of these lip balms on the lips feel very smooth and are on the slightly thicker side. These do last for hours on the lips so you don't have to reapply every five minutes to get results. Out of the two scents, I do prefer the Vanilla as Vanilla is my all time favourite scent. Both scents aren't too strong that they would be able to be smelt for too long once applied to the lips if you aren't too keen on the scent options.

I can honestly say that my lips have never been softer since I started using Carmex and one thing that I do love is that they provide long lasting results. I have found with my lip balms that while they are on the lips they feel hydrating and comforting but once worn off or removed my lips feel drier than ever but that isn't the case with Carmex. The first time that I used this at night, I had extremely dry and cracked lips which were on the flakey side but by the next morning, they were softer than ever! The lips are also always left feeling supple too. I like that they both have SPF 15 in as even in the winter you need to keep your skin protected and there is nothing more painful than sunburnt lips.

Carmex Lip Balms are available from Superdrug - HERE.


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