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WWE Glam Squad Makeup Must Haves

My two favourite things are WWE and makeup so when I managed to link the two, it was like a dream come true. While I love the WWE product and the actual wrestling and entertainment of the shows, one thing I have always admired is the women. The women's division is fantastic, they not only changed the way I view my body but every week those women impress me with what they do in the ring while looking drop dead gorgeous - I honestly don't know how they do it.
WWE Glam Squad Makeup Must Haves
WWE Glam Squad Makeup Must Haves
WWE Glam Squad Makeup Must Haves
WWE Glam Squad Makeup Must Haves
When I start watching WWE as a beauty junkie, I had to know what products the women were wearing as even after their matches they look phenomenal. I have been wanting to write a post like this for about six months and the WWE Glam Squad have massively helped me out and let me know what their must-have products are. I always love looking through their Instagram account definitely check them out as that team really inspire me to play around with makeup but I will warn you - it's bad for your bank balance! 

Nikki Bella is my favourite WWE superstar, she is body goals and whenever they post product breakdowns of the products they use on her, I usually buy them and I might do a separate post on just Nikki's makeup as she looks gorgeous and flawless every week. She regularly wears a red lip and one of the products they use on Nikki is the LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Secret. Some of my favourite makeup looks the glam squad do, besides on Nikki, are on Alexa Bliss. She always has such fun makeup looks to go with her cosplay character. Lexi's favourite and go-to lip colour is from Serpentine Beauty in the shade Fussy Princess. Recently she had killer highlight and the product she was wearing was Make Up For Ever Star Lit Liquid Gel in Arctic White which is now on my wishlist. 

The Glam Squad's holy grail and most used products are: 

- Mac Custom Blush Palettes

As soon as I started watching WWE, I had to find out what foundation they wore and almost always it is the Mehron Celebre HD Pro Foundation which I have actually tried and it is impressive! It has incredible coverage and photographs beautifully, it's very affordable too. And of course, it wears well as those superstars kill it in the ring and a lot of the time their foundation does not budge! One of the blushes I see get used a lot is MAC Springsheen. A couple of the highlighters they love to use on the women range from Makeup Revolution to Laura Geller Guilded Honey

For eyeshadow palettes, they have incredible taste I must say! Nikki very often has the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Palette used on her with Peanut Butter as a transition, Mousse and Truffle in the crease and on the lower lash line with Coconut Creme on the lid and as a brow bone highlight. One of their must-have palettes in their kit is the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette, if you don't already have this, you need it - I am obsessed with it! For any bright and colour looks, think Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, they often use the Urban Decay Electric and Full Spectrum palettes. Another eyeshadow palette they like to use a lot of the ABH Modern Renaissance, I believe this is used a lot on the stunning Sasha Banks. 

With Wrestlemania 33 just a few days away, I am very excited to see the glam that the ladies do on the superstars, especially with Charlotte. She always has gorgeous eye looks with gems for PPVs and she always looks flawless and full of glow! I apologise in advance for my tweets that night - I am too big of a fan to try and contain my excitement!



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