Getting Rid of Beauty Clutter & Getting Organised #AD

If your beauty products are starting to stack up, and it’s even becoming a struggle to dig out what you’re looking for, Pebble Grey offer you some tips to keep all your products neatly organised and ready for exactly when you need them. 

Figure out exactly what you can keep.

To start any attempt at organisation, you should first figure out exactly how many products you have stocked up or hidden away. Dig out any handbags and purses that might have some old makeup hanging around, and check any cupboards for products that may be lingering at the back somewhere. 

Once you’ve got everything, it’s time to weed out the products that might have expired. Because many beauty products have different expiration dates, it might be hard to remember exactly how long ago you bought something. Things like makeup sponges should be replaced monthly, while other products should be replaced anywhere from every three months, to every two years. A good rule of thumb is: if you really can’t remember when you bought something, it might be safer to bin it. After all, you can always rebuild your collection once it’s all organised!

Grouping up and separating the categories

Only the products that you can use should be left at this point, so now we can work on organising and storing everything.  A good first step is to divide everything you have left into categories. All your nail varnish, moisturiser, lipstick, eyeliner, etc., each in their own pile. This should help you picture how much space you need for each kind of product. A good-sized cabinet could be the perfect solution, or perhaps even a mirror cabinet to provide storage and utility in one as you apply your makeup? 

That said, if you really want to push the boat out with your organisation, then you can take it a step further. Separate your beauty products into three categories: daily use products, “special treat” products, and products to keep in your bag if you need a little extra when out and about. The things you’ll need when out can stay in your bag until they need replacing. Your daily use items each get their own section, grouped together in your cupboard, but your extra-special products can stay together in their own small basket. That way, there’s no need to root around all your products when you have a big night out coming up. You don’t have to go to a lot of effort either. Organising your makeup can be as simple as putting a handful or small glass jars in your cabinet, or small divided trays for vanity unit drawers. 

At the end of all that, you’ll be left with exactly what you know you can use, your bathroom will be far more organised, but your morning or night routine will also be far quicker and easier to go through! 


This is an AD in collaboration with Pebble Grey. 


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