Jeffree Star Skin Frosts (+ Swatches)

Love him or hate him, you can't get much better than his Skin Frost highlighters. I have been on such a highlighter kick lately and while I have bought far too many than I want to admit, I always go back to Jeffree's Skin Frosts. When I got my first skin frost, I wasn't that impressed but now that I have found the best brushes to use with them, I have never been so impressed with a highlighter.
Jeffree Star Skin Frosts
Jeffree Star Skin Frosts Jeffree Star Skin Frosts
Jeffree Star Skin Frosts Swatched
Swatched (Bottom to top of wrist): Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, Princess Cut, Eclipse. 

If you want a new natural glowing highlighter, these aren't for you. These are some of the most intense highlighters I own and I love it, I hope Aliens can see my highlight! One of the main things I absolutely love about Jeffree Star cosmetics is that many, if not all, products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free while also being free from parabens and gluten. The Skin Frosts are available in 12 permanent shades and Jeffree usually launches a few limited editions and I know he has his Summer collection launching soon so I can't wait to see the new ones. The four Skin Frosts I own are: 

- Ice Cold: Iridescent white
- Peach Goddess: Crushed pearly pink/peach
- Princess Cut: Baby iced pink
- Eclipse: Pale icy peach

These highlighters are huge and come in amazing quality compacts, each with a mirror inside, I have dropped them a few times and I haven't had any break, thank you makeup gods! Each of the powders has been embossed with the Jeffree star Cosmetics logo, the collaboration highlighter does have his logo as well as a moon to represent Manny MUA. I love the pan sizes as you do get slightly more for your money and I would much rather invest in a good quality highlight than buy tens of highlighters and never use them and I find with these highlighters that you always get your moneys worth. 

Ice Cold, Peach Goddess and Princess Cut have incredible formulas, each of them is soft to the touch and I do find them much easier to apply now, the same with Eclipse, now that I have found the right brushes for them. From my experience, fan brushes just do not work with these as they are different in texture than any other highlighter I own. The brush I have found works the best, to apply the powders wet or dry, is the Zoeva 132 Luxe Powder Finish as you can get a super intense highlight with this brush. 

To apply these, I find it best to build it up and keep going back and fourth with a brush on the skin. When I compare the application of these to something like theBalms Mary Lou where any brush and minimal effort is needed for a crazy glow, these do need a little work to apply as the texture of these isn't as buttery as soft as a highlight like that but it is thousand times worth it in the end. I have never got a glow like I do with these with any other highlighter. And when you apply these wet, it is blinding, people better be wearing their sunglasses when they see that glow out and about! 

These three permanent shades can give you a glow that can be seen from the tops of mountains and last all day long, some days all of my base products will have disappeared yet my highlight will still be going strong! I wear all three of these shades a tonne but I always go for Princess Cut and it is my currently favourite at the moment, I never thought I would love a baby pink highlighter as much as I do! 

Eclipse is one of the newest launches from the brand and is in collaboration with Manny MUA. This Skin Frost features gorgeous matte black packaging with holographic wording on the front of the compact and I love the box that it comes in. I have noticed the formula of this one to be slightly different than the others in that it doesn't apply the exactly same and I notice it to have some slight glitter fall out when I apply it to the skin. When I checked on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, all his previous highlighters are Talc Free, this isn't stated for Eclipse with the ingredient list also being different and the other highlighters do have the following note which makes me think that the formulation is in fact different:

"This Product has a unique soft buttery formula, making it delicate so handle with care!"

Even with the slight difference in formula, I am as obsessed with this shade as I am with my other three and I have found Eclipse to be the perfect shade for my skin tone. Ice Cold is also brilliant for pale skin tones and for lighting other highlighters when mixed. Eclipse isn't quite as long lasting on my skin as my others, the other shades will literally last all day on my whereas Eclipse does start to disappear throughout the day. 

If you haven't already tried one of the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts, I do highly recommend them and they are worth the £25.50 price tag in my opinion. You can buy all of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics products from Beauty Bay - HERE.



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