L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

I love trying out new mascara's and they are one of the few products that I always like to shop on the high street for. I loved the Miss Manga mascara and as soon as I saw the wand of this mascara, I was really intrigued to see how it would work with my lashes. 
L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara
L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara
This is the brand new mascara from L'Oreal and is the Miss Baby Roll Mascara. This is available in five options, black, black waterproof and three fun colours like purple and blue. I like that L'Oreal decided to also launch coloured versions as they are always fun to use on the lower lash line but of course, I went for the black option as that it is the only mascara colour I wear. It retails for £7.99, a great high street price point and L'Oreal is often on offer at Boots and Superdrug, last time I checked it was on 3 for 2.

This mascara claims to be extremely volumizing to give the lashes an instant lash lift from the roller style brush. The wand itself is made up of shorter plastic bristles and has a very unique pattern to it. It will not only add volume to the lashes but it is also going to help curl the lashes and hold it in place all day long. It is recommended to layer multiple coats for even more volume and to comb the wand through the lashes from root to tip going back and fourth.

Having been using these mascara for a few weeks now, I do really like it. It does add so much volume to my lashes and I find that the brush is easy to coat the lashes without getting any mascara excess onto the skin and ruining that days eyeshadow look. I find that it coats the lashes well and keeps them separated and no matter how many layers I do, I never end up with clumpy lashes. It does add some length to the lashes but as I like super long lashes, I have been pairing it with a mascara to specifically lengthen, currently Benefit Roller Lash.

I do find that it really helps curl and hold the curl in place throughout the day. I have been having a few issues with mascara transferring under the brows and leaving black lines on the skin but I haven't had any issues with this, I really love the formula! It doesn't leave the lashes feeling dry or crunchy like some mascaras can do and it doesn't flake off throughout the day, no matter how long I have been wearing my mascara. Even if I don't use this mascara on my top lashes, I always use it on my lower lashes and it is perfect for this as the brush has short bristles I never end up with mascara on my under eye area.

The L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara retails for £7.99 - HERE.



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