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Must Have Products for Smooth & Plump Lips

I have always hated my lips and their size and while I am not ready to get lip injections just quite yet, these products are such life savers! I do tend to have pretty dry lips too so I am always looking for hydrating balms and products as well as good lip scrubs that keep the lips smooth and prepped for liquid lipsticks but don't dry out the lips too much.
Must Have Products for Smooth & Plump Lips
Must Have Products for Smooth & Plump Lips
Must Have Products for Smooth & Plump Lips
To prep my lips, lip scrubs are my best friend. Whether I am going to be wearing a drying liquid lipstick or experiencing super dry and cracked lips, I always go for a scrub. One of the scrubs I like to use when my lips are extremely dry is the Laura Geller Lip Strip. This is a sugar based scrub and works fantastically to buff away all dead and dry patches on the lips. It has a lovely cool vanilla scent, I love this as that as it is one of my favourite ever scents. This comes in a squeezy tube and I like to do this before I apply any of my makeup as it does need to be removed with a damp cotton pad.

For everyday lip exfoliation, I like to use the Dior Lip Sugar Scrub as once you glide the scrub onto the lips it turns into a lip balm and gives the lips a hint of pink with a glossy finish. This is great for days when I notice my lips are starting to get dry to prevent any discomfort. Another lip scrub/balm I like to use is the Clinique Sweet Pot, these are great for travelling as it is a two in one product! These come in a few different tint versions which leave a very slight hint of colour on the lips.

While I love my YSL Lip Oil and Dior Lip Scrubs, you can't beat these three super affordable balms and oils to keep your lips super hydrated! One of my go-to lip balms from the past couple of years has been the EOS Lip Balm, either in a sphere or in a stick form, it is so moisturising on the lips and has a natural formula. The other lip balms I swear by are any of the Carmex Lip Balms - they are incredible and I can't believe I had tried any of them until a few months ago! They are the best lip balms I have ever used and have great long lasting hydrating effects on the lips. I recently picked up the Essence Lip Oil and I have never been so impressed at how hydrating it is on the lips, I prefer it over my YSL! 

For plumping the lips, the best lip plumper I have ever used is the No Thin Lips from Know Cosmetics. I don't find this lip plumper to be too painful on the lips compared to some I have used before and it has the best results. It keeps the lips plump for hours, I can really notice my lips getting bigger when I use this! Another must have from Know Cosmetics I love for the lips is the No Bleeding Lips, this is a clear lip liner so can be used with any colour lip product! This works brilliantly with all of my lipsticks to make sure that they don't bleed outside the lip line. I never used to use lip liner but as this is clear it is fantastic to ensure my lip products stay inside the line as it acts as a barrier.

What are your favourite lip prepping products?



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