Elegant Touch Nude Nails

Elegant Touch nails are my absolute favourites and a go to for whenever I want chic looking nails or if I have an event. I have been obsessed with nude nails at the moment so it was as if this collection was made for me! My nails have never been in great condition and are such a rubbish length which is one of the reasons why I always go for Elegant Touch. I have always paid so much money to have my nails done in salons and I never got compliments on them but as soon as I switched to Elegant Touch, I am always getting asked where I had my nails done! 
Elegant Touch Nude Nails
Elegant Touch Nude Nails
Elegant Touch Nude Nails
Elegant Touch Nude Nails
This is one of the newest collections from the brand and is all about achieving and embracing the sophistication of nude nails. I have only been wearing nude nail polishes lately but as my nails aren't in great condition, they would chip so quickly and with Elegant Touch I never have to worry! These are the perfect nails to match any outfit or event and are so on trend right now, I have always found nude nails to look so classic. The four shades available in this collection are:

- Porcelain, a delicate baby pink with a matte squoval shade and finish. 
- Tawny, a glossy finish set with a barely-there nude shade in an oval shade.
- Mink, a dusky pink with a matte finish and oval shape.
- Cocoa, a gorgeous rich chocolate shade with a hint of gloss and a squoval shape.

With these four sets, you have all of your nude bases covered! These nails are on the slightly shorter side which I love as I find it difficult to do anything with long nails and the bunnies hate it when I pick them up! I really like that they included both glossy and matte finishes as sometimes you want something a little different, the same goes for the nail shapes in this collection. I am usually a square shape obsessive but I have been loving how the different shaped nails look on me! 

Even though I love all of the nails in this collection, my favourite set has to be the mink set, I usually don't go for the shape or matte finish with my nails but I have been obsessed with how they look on me and I got so many compliments when I wore them! Elegant Touch include a fantastic glue in the box, it is one of the best ones I have used as the nails stay on for almost two weeks whenever I use it so I highly recommend using it and not buying something else! 

The Elegant Touch Nude Collection is available - HERE. (Each set is £7.50 each and will also be available at Superdrug)


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