Yankee Candle Easter 2017 Gift Set

I have been loving my candles again recently and I just couldn't resist this cute Easter set! I picked up one of these last year and I think this years is even better, especially as I got it with a decent amount of discount! This would be a great Easter gift alternative to chocolate too. Yankee Candle Easter 2017 Gift Set
Yankee Candle Easter 2017 Gift Set
Yankee Candle Easter 2017 Gift Set
This set from Yankee Candle is limited edition for Easter and includes three of the votive candles as well as a clear bucket candle holder. The votive candles are some of the more affordable candles from Yankee and will provide a few hours of home fragrance as well as being a great way to try out scents before investing in a jar candle. The three votive candles included are: 

- Happy Spring described as a lovely floral bouquet of wildflowers and white blooms. 
- Jelly Bean is a fun childhood treat scent that is bursting fill of sugary sweet fruits. 
- Vanilla Cupcake is a delicious scent packed full of Vanilla icing and hints of chocolate, cake batter and Vanilla bean

The main reason I wanted this set was for Jelly Bean as it is a limited edition scent for Easter so I always like to get stocked up on it, I actually ordered a few more of these individually as Yankee had 20% off a free delivery recently! This is a super sweet scent but I have never found it to be sticky, if you love sweet scent, I think you would really love this as much as I do! A brand new scent for Yankee Candle this year is Happy Spring and while I am not usually a fan of floral scents, there is something about this that I really like! It isn't an overpowering floral and is very relaxing. The final scent included is a cult classic from Yankee Candle - Vanilla Cupcake. This is one of the best sweet/foody scents that there is and smells good enough to eat! 

Not only do you get the three Votive Samplers, but you also get a Clear Bucket Holder so that when you use your candles, you have something to actually put it in and be able to use. Last years set had a yellow one in which I still have today! Each of the candles in this set will provide you with up to 15 hours of home fragrance which isn't bad considering each one retails for just under £2. I do think this set is a great deal and as someone who isn't a massive fan of chocolate, this would be a welcomed Easter gift! 

The Yankee Candle Easter Votive Set retails for £11.99 - HERE.



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