£3 Makeup Brush Set Review

While I don't mind washing my makeup brushes, sometimes I am just too lazy to do them and I never seem to have enough eye brushes. Some of my favourite brushes that I use every day are on the pricer side so then I saw Kasie talk about these on Instagram so I knew I had to order them as soon as she sent me the link! 
£3 Makeup Brush Set
£3 Makeup Brush Set
This set of 12 eye makeup brushes cost me under £3 which is quite insane to me as I have spent so more than that on one brush before! This would be a great set if you are a beginner in makeup and need a full set of brushes on a budget as these are perfect! These would also make such a great little gift too as you would never know that they were just £3, they would be great for any age too whether its a full on makeup obsessive or for a little girl or boy who just likes to copy you do your makeup! 

All of the brushes in this set do have slightly shorter handles compared to my other makeup brushes, they are definitely more travel-friendly but I don't find it to be an issue when it comes to applying my makeup. These are very similar looking to the Zoeva Rose Golden volume 2 brushes as they have the same colour theme but the quality isn't quite the same with the actual brush part of the brush, this is expected as the price points are completely different. However, the handles and ferrels do feel very similar to my ones from Zoeva and they have a good weight to them. In this set, you pretty much get every brush you could need to create a gorgeous eye look, from small detailer and pencil brushes to larger fluffy brushes and shader brushes. 

Even though each of these brushes is basically 25p each, I would happily pay much more than that for them! They feel like good quality and go a brilliant job for whatever the use whether it is blending out shadow or packing on shadow to the lid. I have used almost all of them and I do find that they do a good job at applying shadows smoothly and picking up the perfect amount. I have washed them a few times too and I haven't noticed any shedding and they hold their shape well. Each of the brushes is super soft too, I was expecting them to be a little scratchy to be honest! The brush hairs have been made with Nylon. 

I have noticed that the seller also has some face brushes available so I am definitely going to be checking those out as I have been really impressed with these ones! These do ship from China and say they will take over a month to arrive but they took about ten days to arrive from the date I ordered them, I didn't think this was too long of a wait as some UK companies take longer to deliver than that! 

This 12 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set is available from Amazon - HERE


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