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IT Cosmetics is a brand I had wanted to try for about a year and a few months ago, QVC had a TSV that I just couldn't pass up on. These four products are well loved in my collection, I have actually almost completely used up one of them and I will be repurchasing it soon. There are two absolute stand-out products that I don't think I could ever be without now that I have tried them and are so worth the hype that they get! IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics
The IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream is one very loved product, I don't think I have ever found someone who doesn't like this so when I first tried this, I was so shocked that I was disappointed. But my opinion quickly changed as soon as I changed what I applied it with and now it is a holy grail product in my collection. This is a multi-tasking cream which can easily give you full coverage without looking for feeling heavy on the skin. It is not only going to give you great full coverage but is also going to act as an anti-aging serum as well as an SPF. It has been infused with an anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, A, B, C and E. 

It is absolutely incredible coverage and can camouflage anything, I have quite a lot of discolouration and acne and this makes my skin look flawless. On QVC they often use it on a lot of ladies with different skin issues and after a pump or two of this product, they look flawless! The best way I have found to apply this is with a buffing brush rather than a damp sponge as you achieve much better coverage. Not only does my skin look flawless, but it also looks so much brighter and radiant whenever I wear this and as it has SPF 50 (UVA/UVB) I never have to worry about applying an additional SPF during these warmer months. It also helps minimise pores and when paired with the Bye Bye Pores Powder, it is a match made in heaven! It isn't the most long-lasting product on my skin but as long as I use a good setting spray, it will last all night long. 

I am always trying to find the best concealers for under the eyes and Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer is one of those incredible ones! Just like the CC Cream, this has full coverage and also has some of the same ingredients as the CC cream to benefit the skin. This is a very thick concealer and the only the tiniest amount is needed to conceal and brighten the under eyes, I like to warm it between my fingers before applying. I haven't found this concealer to crease at all on me and it helps smooth the appearance of my under eyes. This covers dark circles like it's no big deal while brightening at the same time and is one of my top two concealers! I have used this on my acne before too and it covers my spots and redness so well too. It is very long lasting and it also claims to be waterproof so I can't wait to test this claim out during my holiday in July! 

The other base product I have been using is the Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder, I have massively hit pan on this so I need to get a back-up! I really struggle with my pores but never thought a powder could help, until I tried this one from IT Cosmetics. This gives an airbrushed effect to the skin that blurs pores while setting my foundation. It comes in a universal translucent shade, I do find that it slightly lightens my foundation, I don't mind this but it is something to keep in mind if you have a darker skin tone. Just like the previous two products, it has the same blend of anti-aging ingredients to pamper the skin. Whenever I use this, you can't even tell I have pores! I also like to use this as a blotting powder throughout the day. 

The final product from the brand I have is the Tightline Mascara. Mascaras are one of my favourite products as I am all about lashes without having to wear false ones too often. This has been designed to prime the lashes while creating an eye liner effect to make the lashes look fuller. It has an ultra conditioning formula to help nourish the lashes from root to tip for a revolutionary result! While I love the effect this gives the lashes, I do have to use a different mascara to help thicken the lashes and add volume. This is a great mascara to help fill in the look fo sparse lashes and add some definition to the lashes. The wand is so skinny so it makes it easy to be able to get it as close as possible to the lash line. 

You can buy IT Cosmetics from QVC - HERE



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