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Philosophy Skincare

I have wanted to try Philosophy skincare for years and these three products have absolutely saved my skin recently so I wish I had tried the brand much sooner! I have always had quite problematic skin with having acne and an oily T-Zone paired with occasional dry patches so I am often needing to switch up my skincare routine.
Philosophy Skincare
Philosophy Skincare
Philosophy Skincare
Philosophy Skincare
The Purity Cleanser is one of the products I have been wanting to try for years and years now and I have been obsessed with it! This is a one-step cleanser that not only cleanses the skin but it also removes makeup brilliantly without drying out the skin. This is packed full of super ingredients to gently emulsify and dissolve all of the dirty away to leave the skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. It has a gentle formula so it isn't going to strip the skin and it is even great for sensitive skin.

I have found this to be great for removing my makeup, especially my eye makeup but if I have been wearing a waterproof mascara I do like to use an oil based eye makeup remover first just to make it quicker to remove. This cleanses my skin so well without ever leaving it feeling dry, I have noticed it to work wonders with my acne-prone areas as it will pull the spots from under the surface to the top and within a few days of using this, my skin was almost completely clear! I have a huge size of this at 480ml so it is definitely going to last me a while and it is well priced too at £24.50, I have spent more than that on cleansers with only 150ml before!

As I mentioned, my skin does get quite a few dry patches but recently it has been uncomfortably dry so the Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry Skin Moisturiser couldn't have arrived at a better time. This has been specifically designed for normal to dry skin types and has a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, an Asian fruit extract and 3 forms of hyaluronate as well as bisabolol for all day hydration that helps soothe uncomfortable skin and helps keep the skin smooth. I have been loving using this as a morning moisturiser as it doesn't interfere with my makeup application if anything it makes my foundation and concealer apply even smoother! This has helped quench my dry patches and my skin has been so much more comfortable since I started using this. I love how quickly it sinks into the skin as well.

As I mentioned, I do have acne prone skin which comes with a lot of discolouration and scarring so the Micro Exfoliating Triple-Acid Brightening Peel Pads were great to put to the test with my skin. These are pretty expensive at £59.50 but you do get 12 applications so it is good value for money. These are individually wrapped, I love this as it makes it much easier to travel with. These have so many benefits for the skin such as resurfacing the skin with mandelic acid, brightening with phytic acid and glycolic acid and will help improve skin tone while reducing the appearance of fine lines and improve skin clarity.

I have been so impressed with these, I haven't finished the full twelve weeks yet but I have noticed results after every use! My skin has been incredibly soft since using them and so much brighter, especially in my acne prone areas which were the dullest. The biggest difference I have noticed in my skin since introducing these is how much my discolouration has improved, my skin is almost even again! I have also been using them over the back of the hands and it has really helped smooth the skin. These can be a little drying on my skin so I do like to use a moisturiser afterwards. If you do experience sensitivity when using these, you can even rinse it off after three to five minutes.

You can find all of these products as well as the rest of the Philosophy range at John Lewis - HERE.


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