Tarte Maneater Palette Review (+ Swatches)

I have been on a huge Tarte kick in the last month or so and ordered far too many products, this palette being one of them. I have fallen absolutely in love with this palette and use it pretty much every day at the moment, I completely understand the hype around Tarte shadows now and want to get another palette soon!
Tarte Maneater Palette Review
Tarte Maneater Palette ReviewTarte Maneater Palette Swatched
The Tarte Maneater Palette is a thing of beauty and has become a little bit hard to get hold of as it is pretty much out of stock in the States. If you want to pick this up and try some other products from Tarte, QVC does still have the 7 Piece Collection that I ordered in stock, however, it is now £60 for the set whereasI paid under £45 when it was a TSV recently. If you love warm toned eyeshadows, I think you would really love this palette, it is so easy to create looks with! 

This palette itself is made of a wipeable fabric, I was expecting it to be cardboard so I was so happy that it wasn't as I don't have to worry about keeping it in my makeup bag. It has a magnetic strong closure so if you do keep it in your makeup bag, you won't open your makeup bag to find your shadows all over your other beauty products one day. Inside the palette are the nine shadows as well as a decently sized mirror to on the go applications and touch ups. The palette has mostly mattes but it also has two stunning metallic shades as well as a shimmery highlight shade that is double the pan size of the other shadows included. 

I always heard people raving about the formula of Tarte shadows and I have fallen in love with them and completely understand the hype. Each of the shadows has insane pigmentation and are some of the softest shadows I have ever come across, I thought Too Faced were soft and then I tried these! Each of the shades is incredibly smooth and buttery soft, you can see in the swatch photo just how smooth they are and that is just one swipe of pigmentation too. These shadows make it so easy to apply and blend as they really do all of the work for you, the metallic shades are stunning on the lid and the mattes are gorgeous and super blendable for the crease. I don't ever use an eyeshadow primer with these and they are still so long lasting, they will literally look as if I have just applied them when it comes to removing my makeup after being on for 12-14 hours. 

Another thing Tarte has done right with this palette is it being scented, why doesn't every brand make their palettes smell like chocolate?! It just makes the application process that little bit nicer and I have started to actually get disappointed if a palette isn't scented now. You get a great mixture of warm toned eyeshadows in the palette to be able to create a day and night look. My favourite look I create with this palette and is pretty much my go to is:

- Passion all over the lid up to the browbone
- Purr in the crease as a transition
- Foxy on the lid
- Lace in the inner corner
- A mix of Purr and Saucy in the crease and outer corner and on the lower lash line. 
- Meow as a browbone highlight

If you can get your hands on this palette, I would highly recommend it. It is available as part of a collection at QVC - HERE.



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