Self Tanning with Sunkissed

With Summer quickly approaching, I want to get some colour back into my skin without getting any sun damage which is where fake tan comes in. Sunkissed are a brand that I have always seen on the shelves but had never tried anything from them until recently and I have been really liking these two fake tans!
Self Tanning with Sunkissed
Self Tanning with Sunkissed
One of the main reasons why I don't fake tan as much as I like is because I am lazy so the Bronze Professional Once-a-Week Self Tan in Dark had me seriously excited! This mousse tan is not only going to give you a great tan for longer, but it also helps make the skin appear smoother and is free from parabens and alcohol so it isn't going to be drying on the skin. I am incredibly pale, the sunlight reflects off my legs so I thought I would just go ahead and use the dark option and it gave me the perfect tan!

While it is longer lasting than other tans I have used, I do like to reapply around day five or six depending if I have moisturised daily or not just to keep my tan looking as dark as it was when I first applied it. This tan dries incredibly quick so I did have to buff it into the skin much quicker than I usually would, to make sure that it didn't end up looking patchy. I applied this tan before I went to bed and it didn't transfer onto my bedding which was a huge plus! This one retails for £8.50 - HERE.

The other tan I have been trying out from Sunkissed is the Bronze Professional Moisturiser Spray in Light/Medium, it is different than any other tan I have used before but I really do like it! This is a brand new formula to Sunkissed and has been designed to speed up the whole tanning process. You can now apply your tan in one minute, be dressed within three and be perfectly bronzed with 60 minutes - sounds impressive right!? Just like the other tan, it is free from parabens and alcohol but it has been enriched with Argan oil to provide long-lasting hydration to the skin.

One of the main pros to this product is also a con, it has no colour so it as you apply it as it just looks like your normal moisturiser. While it won't transfer onto your clothing or bedding, you also can't really tell where you have applied it or if you have missed any areas but luckily I didn't miss any areas with it. I love how hydrating this is on the skin and it does give the skin a gorgeous yet light sunkissed look. I like to spray this onto the skin and then buff it in with a mitt to make sure that I don't end up with orange hands. I found that this lasted for around three days on my skin but they do recommend that you use this every other day to maintain the colour.

The mitt I have been using to apply both of these is the Double-Sided Application Mitt. This mitt does a great job at applying both tans smoothly to the skin and what I really like is that I didn't end up with stained hands as it is pretty much leak proof! It is double sided to last twice as long as many other mitts on the market and it is a bargain at £4.

You can buy all three of these products and many others from Sunkissed at Superdrug - HERE.


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