Summer & Holiday Beauty Essentials

While I wouldn't believe by looking out of the window right now that it was almost summer, it's time to stock up on all things sun protection and hydrating products. With the sun shining much more than it has done this year, I need to start using fake tan regularly again or people will go blind when the light reflects off my super pale skin!Summer & Holiday Beauty Essentials
Summer & Holiday Beauty Essentials
Summer & Holiday Beauty Essentials
Whether you are having a staycation and sitting in the garden or jetting off on a plane for a few weeks, these are some of my essential products for Summer and holidays. For prepping for summer, you can't go wrong with fake tan, providing you find one that doesn't go streaky! The one I have been liking at the moment is the Solait Express Tan in Dark. This can have you tanned in 60 minutes and I love that it has a guide colour so you can make sure you don't end up with any missed patches! It also doesn't smell like biscuits as sometimes you don't want to smell edible. I don't usually like to tan my face as I am terrified of it going far too dark or having a reaction to one but the Solait Overnight Tan Mask really caught my attention. This is a moisturiser with a gradual tan built in to help give you a natural and sunkissed glow, as someone as white as a ghost this is going to be brilliant for no makeup days!

For when I need a tan pop up and I am in a rush, the Solait Wear Off Tan Wipes are great! These develop within four hours and as long as you wash your hands immediately after application, it helps add a healthy glow back into the skin. These smell amazing too, they have a tropical scent! The Solait Bronzer looks scary dark in the pan but once you apply it to the skin, it adds a gorgeous radiant bronzed effect to the skin. This can be used on the face and body and I have found myself using it a tonne on my body. It is great for when you have fake tanned and forgot to do your hands!

My hair is a nightmare year round but in the summer, I want to keep it as hydrated as possible and tangle free. I have used the L'Oreal Kids Tangle Tamer ever since I was a kid and it works brilliantly to detangle the hair and make your hair smell of pears at the same time! To add some hydration into my hair while it's damp, I love the Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Conditioning Spray. This feels incredibly lightweight on the hair and injects so must moisture back into the mids to ends of my hair. For days when I want textured and beachy looking hair, I like to use the Style-Freedom Beach Body Spray. This helps create mermaid hair and has a non-sticky formula. My hair is super straight and flat so this has been fantastic to add texture back into my hair!

In terms of makeup, I swear by for the Summer, I only have two products that I just can't be without. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is a firm favourite of mine as it has incredible coverage while feeling undetectable on the skin but it also has SPF 50 so I know my skin will be protected against sun damage when I use this. This is available from QVC. The other product is any of the Urban Decay Setting Sprays, at the moment I have been using the De-Slick but I do prefer the All Nighter I must admit. These are game changers when it comes to prolonging your makeup and something ever compares to how well these work for me!

SPF is an essential and I have so many that I like, use and have repurchased. I like to find SPF products that are lightweight on the skin and don't leave you with a white cast while being on the more affordable side as I will go through so many bottles in the Summer and on holiday. The SPFs I like and would recommend are:

- Solait Enhanced Sun Lotion SPF 30: perfect for sensitive skin and is extra water resistant.
- Vichy Ideal Soleil Velvety Cream SPF 50: What I use for no makeup days,
- Solait Head & Hair Protect SPF 30: I find people often forget to use SPF on their hair and scalp!
- Piz Buin Protect & Cool Refreshing SPF: Great for topping up for SPF and cooling down the skin.

As someone who burns quite easily, I always need after sun. The two I love are both from the Solait range at Superdrug, the Moisturising After Sun Face Lotion and the After Sun Spray. Both of these are very hydrating on skin and get to work within a few hours. Something that isn't an essential but I love are the Hit the Beach Cosmetics Bags from Superdrug. These are perfect for beach days to keep your essentials in or for keep your wet swimwear in! All of the Solait products mentioned are cruelty-free.


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