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Custom Palettes with Essence

I am a huge fan of Essence, I think they are by far my favourite budget brand and you honestly can't beat the quality. As soon as I spotted these on Instagram, I was so excited to try them for myself and they have gone beyond my expectations and I will be heading to Wilko soon to make another few palettes as I am that impressed with these!
Custom Palettes with Essence
Custom Palettes with Essence
Custom Palettes with Essence
Custom Palettes with Essence
Swatched: 05 Cotton Candy, 06 Raspberry Frosting, 08 Peach-Party! & 18 Black as Cherry

The Essence My Must Have range is by far one of the best high street launches I have seen in a while. I love the idea of creating custom palettes as I personally never use every single shade in all my eyeshadow palettes so to be able to pick and choose my perfect shades is not only more cost effective but makes more sense to me. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting the quality and pigmentation to be as incredible as they are, these four shades are more pigmented and better quality than some of my eyeshadow palettes I have spent £50 on! 

Each of the powders retails for just £1.50 the palettes themselves are just £1.50/£2 each depending on the pan size you go for. If you were to purchase the bigger size palette of 8 pans and your selected shades to completely fill it, it would only cost you £14 - a total bargain if you ask me! I really like that Essence has created this concept as I love creating my own palettes and it can be very expensive to fill a palette once you purchase the magnetic palette and the shades. For example, a Z-Palette would cost you more alone than filling one of these Essence palettes and the palette itself! Not only do they have eyeshadows for you to create your own palettes with, but they also have blushes, bronzers, setting powder and lip powders which sound very interesting!

All you have to do it pop off the lid of each of the individual shades and they slot into the palette within seconds. The shades are extremely secure inside the palette so you don't have to worry about them falling out.  I really like that the palettes are clear so you are able to see all of your shades easily, as I am going to go and make a few more palettes this is going to come in extremely handy! The four pan palette is on the sleeker side and takes up hardly any room in my makeup bag. 

The four shadows I have are incredibly pigmented, the swatches are just one swipe and they are so soft to the touch. They are incredibly smooth and buttery and couldn't be easy easier to apply. Each of them is very blendable and I have found myself using two of them a tonne! 05 Cotton Candy reminds me a lot of Jeffree Star Princess Cut which is one of my favourite shades so I love that I now have an eyeshadow version! I find them to wear well on me without any primer and don't have any issues with the shades fading or creasing throughout the day. 

I highly recommend you check these out for yourself, I haven't been this impressed with a makeup product in a while! I can't wait to go and create a blush palette soon. The Essence My Must Haves range is available from Wilko - HERE


This post contains press samples all opinions are my own. 


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