My Five Favourite Palettes

I must own a full drawer full of palettes yet these are the ones that I always go back too. When it comes to my makeup collection these days, I do like to invest in higher quality palettes epically as I find that they are almost always worth the price tags. A few of the palettes included are around the £40 mark but they are definitely worth saving for, if you ask me! 
My Five Favourite Palettes
My Five Favourite Palettes
My Five Favourite Palettes
I love Too Faced products and haven't found a product that I don't like from them yet! I had been lusting over the Chocolate Bar Palettes for the longest time, I do own both but I always find myself reaching for the Semi-Sweet Palette more. This palette not only smells delicious but is also has so many shades that I use every day. I love warm toned eyeshadows, in case you couldn't already tell, and this palette is packed full of them! All of the shades in this palette are incredibly pigmented, if you want to see a full review with swatches, you can check that out here.

Another Too Faced palette I love is the Sweet Peach Glow Palette. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews about this and I would only recommend this if you have fair or a light skin tone as the shades are on the lighter side. I love all of the shades in this palette and they look beautiful on the skin as they have a natural finish. This is heavy peach scented so if you don't like scents I would stay away from this but I do really like it! The highlight in the palette is so glowy on the cheekbones but looks more like a glow from within that isn't intense. My favourite shade from the palette is actually the bronzer as it is the perfect shade for my skin tone and I even like to use it as a bronzer. I have a full review of this with swatches here.

As soon as I saw pictures of the NARS Unfiltered II Blush Palette, I knew it had to be mine, if you do want this, I would recommend ordering from Fabled as they offer free next day delivery and I got 15% off as a new customer. I didn't have any specific blush palettes in my collection and I have always loved the individual blushes from NARS so I thought I would treat myself and I am so glad that I did. I have got so much use out of this palette already and I know I will probably hit pan on a few of the shades at least! There isn't a shade that I don't like in this palette and they all work well on my lighter skin tone. Full review with swatches - HERE.

I had been putting the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette in my basket and taking it out for months until I finally just found a discount code and ordered it a few months ago. While I don't use this palette everyday, it is a holy grail palette and I can create so many different looks with it. It has so many gorgeous warm toned eyeshadows in and whenever I really want to do a full on eye look, I always go for this palette. All of the shades are incredibly pigmented and easy to blend. The packaging is great quality too even though it is a cardboard palette, I love the reflective details to it as well. I also have a full review with swatches of this palette, here.

My final favourite palette is my most recent palette purchase, the Tarte Maneater Palette. I bought this a few months ago as part of a QVC TSV and I have used this almost every single morning since! This palette smells delicious, the shadows are chocolate/vanilla scented and the pigmentation is incredible. Each of the shades is so buttery soft and some of the best eyeshadows I have in my collection. They are incredibly long lasting on the eyes too, I never use an eyeshadow primer and these last all day on me without creasing or fading! I have a full review with swatches, here.

What are your favourite palettes?


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