Favourite Highlighting Brushes

As I am super obsessed with highlighters, I need the best brushes to be able to apply that mega glow. These are my go to brushes when it comes to highlighting the face and I also have recommendations for which brushes to use with the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts as some brushes just don't work well with those at all! 
Favourite Highlighting Brushes
Favourite Highlighting Brushes
Favourite Highlighting Brushes Favourite Highlighting Brushes
I didn't realise until I photographed my favourite brushes that all but one was from Zoeva! I am a huge fan of Zoeva brushes and 90% of my brush collection is Zoeva. I don't think you can beat the quality personally but I definitely want to test out some BH Cosmetics and Morphe Brushes soon if you have any recommendations! All of these brushes are ones I have had in my collections for months, if not for a year and have been washed countless times and still in perfect condition. They are all super soft and apply highlighters brilliantly. My favourite brushes for highlighting are:

The Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 and Zoeva 114 Luxe Face Focus are incredibly similar but the Real Techniques one is much more expensive. The only difference between them is that the Real Techniques version is double the thickness and slightly softer than the Zoeva 114. The Real Techniques brush has actually been designed for blush but I do find it to be far too small for this and it works so much better for highlighter. I find that with both of these brushes you can be very selective and precise as to where you want to apply the powders. You can get a very intense highlight with these brushes too. Both of these work great with the Jeffree Star highlighters too.

I do love a fan brush and I find that they are one of the best tools to apply highlighters with as they make the powders look flawless on the skin and you can achieve light coverage with them or build them up for higher pigmentation without looking heavy. The Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan Brush is my go-to highlighter brush for products like theBalm's Mary Lou as it picks up the perfect amount of powder. For highlighting the cupid's bow or brow bone, I love the Zoeva 137 Petit Fan Brush. This is the tiniest fan brush I have ever seen! You can target any areas you want to add a glow to with this brush and it is perfect for using in those hard to reach areas. I love to highlight the cupid's bow with this brush as it makes the lips appear bigger.

The Zoeva 134 Luxe Powder Fusion Brush is actually for blending eyeshadow but it is one heck of an amazing brush for highlight! This brush makes it so easy to get a glow from outter space but it blends it at the same time, this is my absolute favourite highlighting brush and I would recommend it to everyone! It is on the smaller side and I love that about it because you can use it for so many areas of the face to highlight. The Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight Brush was one of the first highlighting brushes I got my hands on and can even be used to contour with too. This is one of the bigger highlighting brushes I own and it works with every single highlighter I own, it picks up the perfect amount of powder and makes any highlighter easy to apply without looking patchy.

The Zoeva 132 Luxe Powder Finish Brush is one of my most used brushes and works fantastically with the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts. This brush allows you to be precise with your application and also blends product at the same time but at the same time helps give you a super intense highlight. I have even used this brush to set my under eye concealer before and it works great for this too.


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