My Current Brow Routine

I have the worst eyebrows possible, they are so thin and small while not being a great shape so I need all the help I can get! These are the products I am currently using for my brows, I don't tend to switch up the products I use on my brows too often as I am very fussy and I like to know that I can achieve decent brows every day and not have to worry.
Current Brow Routine
Current Brow RoutineCurrent Brow Routine
The Eylure Brow Pomade is holy grail status! I have been using it for well over a year now and I haven't found anything that's better than this. If you love a strong brow, I highly recommend this. I can pretty much do my entire brow with this from filling them in, extending the tail as well as creating an arch. What I love about this is that it doesn't budge or fade throughout the day, it is so long-lasting, with some of the other brow pomades I had tried I found that the tail of my brow would disappear by late afternoon which isn't a good look! It's extremely easy to apply, I always use an angled brush.

For the front of my brow, I have started using the So Me Brow Shaping Kit. This includes two powders, one for filling in the brows and one gorgeous highlight shade. The packaging of this is absolutely stunning too, definitely one of the prettiest compacts in my makeup bag! I like to use a powder at the start of my brow as I find it looks a little less intense but you can definitely build up the intensity if you want to use it to fill in the brows with it as well. The highlight shade in the compact has a shimmery finish, I love this about it because most of my brow powder palettes or duos come with a matte highlight shade.

To set my brows, I love my Eylure x Fleur de Force Brow Tamer. This has two brow gels included, a clear (I have been using mine since they launched so it is no longer clear) and a tinted version. These brow gels keep my brows in place all day without making them feel crispy or like they have any product in. I never have to worry about my brows getting out of place whenever I use this. If I am having a no makeup day and just want something to keep my brows a boost, I always use Benefit's Gimme Brow. I have repurchased more times than I can remember and it is one of the best brow products I have ever used. It actually adds fibres to the brows to make them appear bigger and fuller, perfect for my tiny brows!



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