Blotterazzi by beautyblender

I love my beautyblender sponges and I can't apply any of my foundation or concealer without one so I wanted to try out another product from the brand. let me pick a few products to try out recently and this was one of them, you can check out my haul here. This has really impressed me and it will never leave my handbag now!
Blotterazzi by beautyblender
Blotterazzi by beautyblender
I get quite oily skin throughout the day in my T-Zone and chin so I wanted to get something that I would be able to blot it away without having to apply layers of powder and end up with my face feeling heavy or looking cakey. The Blotterazzi by beautyblender is a revolutionary blotting sponge that can be used to keep shine at bay and is unlike anything I have ever tried or seen. I have never used anything like this before but I loved that fact that it is completely reusable as it would work out more cost effective in the long run if it worked.

The Blotterazzi has been expertly made by the same luxe material as the original beautybelnder sponge and these sleek teardrop shaped sponges will help blot away oil from the surface of the skin without disturbing your makeup. The sponges come housed in a sleek plastic teardrop compact complete with a mirror inside. You get two of the sponges inside the compact with a plastic insert so you can keep your clean and dirty sponges separated. The compact also features vents on the back of it so make sure that the sponges stay fresh.

Each of the Blotterazzi sponges lasts up to 60 days before needed to be cleaned and I have never found them to actually look that dirty during this period. They can be cleaned so quickly with your favourite brush cleaner, I really like the beautyblender solid and I leave them to dry before putting them back into the compact. I love how long lasting these are before you have to clean them and for £16, if you take good care of them they will last a long time.

I have to admit, I didn't think these would actually work but I have been so impressed! While these will blot away any oil, they don't take any makeup with it! I wear full coverage foundations so I was worried I would end up with patches of no product but I haven't had any issues. It picks up the oil and leaves the skin with whatever finish you have gone for that day. I also really like to use this to re-set my makeup if I notice it to slightly cake up on my chin or settle into any lines, it's so good to keep your skin looking as flawless as possible. As it is a teardrop shape, it fits all areas of the face well, the pointed end is great for around the nose or under the eyes and the bigger rounded end is great for the forehead and cheeks. I can't see me going back to blotting papers anytime soon!

The Blotterazzi by beautyblender retails for £16 - HERE.


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