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I have been loving trying out skincare recently and Time Bomb is a range I have been eyeing for a while now. As I have acne prone skin, I had been on the look out for some new treatment to try that will help detox the skin and I can never resist a new mask! 
TimeBomb Skincare
TimeBomb SkincareTimeBomb Skincare
TimeBomb Skincare
The Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails are available in a few different variations and I have been trying out the one specifically for stressed skin with a shot of Chlorophyll. This is to be applied to dry skin, I like to apply it the same way you would a toner and use a cotton pad to sweep across the skin. I have been using this as part of my evening skincare routine but can be both morning and night if you wanted to. This is going to leave the skin feeling soothed, calmed and dewy-fresh for clearer, smoother and healthier skin. It will also counter the effect of toxins on the skin from external sources (sun, smoke etc) as well as internal sources that show on the skin like breakouts or dry patches.

I have to say I have been really enjoying this product! As my skin has been clearer than it has ever been, I wanted a product that was going to make sure my skin stayed clear and this product does exactly that! It has helped keep all of my breakouts away while leaving my skin looking brightened and so much healthier. It hasn't dried out my skin in the slightest which I was worried about as I did have a couple of dry patches but they have actually cleared up since using this. This product retails for £24.50 and is available from Look Fantastic - HERE.

Bubble face masks are one of the most talked about products at the moment so I had to try out the Instawow Bubbling Face Mask from Time Bomb. You can see how it has started to foam in the picture above and it does exactly that on the skin but even better! This mask is ideal for those with dull and dry skin and is an energising treatment to cleanse and hydrate these complexions. It will also help dissolve dirt, makeup and pore-clogging impurities and will reveal smoother, more refined skin with a luminous glow.

I am obsessed with this face mask! It made my skin feel incredibly soft, smooth and hydrated without leaving any residue on the skin. It also made my skin look so much healthier and brighter so if you have dull skin, I am sure you would love this! I loved the bubbling effect of the mask as it made it different from anything I had used before. It's a very quick mask to use, it only needs to be on the skin around five minutes so perfect for when I am in a bit of a rush but my skin needs a boost. You need 4/5 pumps of this gel mask per application so I can't see it lasting that long but I am loving the results! This mask retails for £39 at Look Fantastic - HERE.


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