Elegant Touch Holiday Collection

I am forever raving about Elegant Touch nails, they are pretty much the only nails I use as you just can't beat them for the price and quality! They have just launched a brand new collection perfect for summer time or just to brighten up your nails on a boring (typically British) day.
Elegant Touch Holiday Collection
Elegant Touch Holiday CollectionElegant Touch Holiday Collection
Elegant Touch Holiday Collection
The Holiday Collection from Elegant Touch will not be leaving my nails this summer, I need to get another set for when I go on holiday in two weeks as I am obsessed! This collection is going to transport you to hot summer days and each of the styles has been inspired by a global hot spot. These nails are not only perfect for Summer but they are also going to be perfect for festivals too especially with them being so quick and easy to apply too. The four styles available are:

- Bora Bora: Iridescent pink toned chrome, high shine stiletto nails.
- Havana: Clear base with metallic rose gold tribal design in stiletto shape.
- Ipanema: Icy white nails with a glossy finish in a stiletto style.
- Ibiza: Bright tribal print nails with a coffin nail shape.

This collection has a design for everyone, I am personally obsessed with the Bora Bora nails as you just can't get a nail polish like these nails and you never have to worry about it chipping! One of the main reasons why I love to use these nails is because I suck at nail art and I can't tell you how often I get complimented on my nails when I wear these and I am forever being asked where I had them done! My mum switched from having her nails done at a Salon to doing them herself with Elegant Touch nails and she gets asked about her nails all the time now - you really can't go wrong with Elegant Touch if you ask me. 

Three of the styles are in a stiletto shape and one with a coffin nail shape, I like that they decided to do two different styles as it will appeal to more people, you can always file them down to suit you too. In each box, you get 24 nails in 10 different sizes to be able to match them best to your nail size as well as a nail file and glue to be able to prep and stick them on. The glue included is one of the best glues I have used and I wouldn't use anything else now as it holds the nails on for weeks! 

Elegant Touch nails are always very comfortable to wear and I just can't fault them. I love how this collection has some stunning nail designs with amazing attention to detail as well as a white set, I am obsessed with white nails in the summer as they look so nice with a tan. The Bora Bora nails are so on trend too as everyone is loving holographic and chrome nails and this is the easiest way to do it! 

The Elegant Touch Holiday Collection is available at Superdrug - HERE.


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