Sunkissed Bronze Rapid Tan & Tone

I have been loving fake tan again lately and Sunkissed Bronze is one of my favourite brands to use! They are available at Superdrug and are fairly affordable too. This is one fo the newer products from the brand and it sounded right up my street as it claims to have a toning appearance on the skin as well! 
Sunkissed Bronze Rapid Tan & Tone
Sunkissed Bronze Rapid Tan & Tone
This is the Sunkissed Bronze Professional Rapid Tan and Tone fake tan that I have been using for the last few weeks and I have been really impressed with it! This is a coconut scented fake tan, hooray for not smelling like a biscuit, that has a quick drying and lightweight formula while being hydrating on the skin. I love that this has hydrating benefits for the skin as I have found with a few fake tans that I have tired that they can be slightly drying on the skin. 

This is so easy to apply as it is a mousse formula, this is my favourite kind of tan to use as it makes it so much easier to blend and you only need a few pumps for each leg on your favourite tanning mitt and you are good to go. As it is quick drying, you don't have to wait around to get dressed or go to bed, I have also found that it doesn't really transfer onto my bedding which is a huge bonus! This is one of the few tanners that I can use that doesn't look streaky on me! 

Depending on the shade of tan you are looking for will depending on how long you want to leave it on the skin for. For a light healthy colour you can leave it on for 60 minutes but for a deeper sunkissed look, you can leave it on for four hours. I like to leave it on for about three hours for the colour I like. This is a pretty long lasting product too as my tan will last for around six days, making sure I moisturise, before I need to reapply! I love the smoothing effect it has on the skin too, it looks much better than many tans I have used before. 

One incredible thing about this product is that has been made in the UK free from testing on animals while being vegan-friendly and containing no Parabens so anybody can use this product! It is available from Superdrug for £9.99 - HERE


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