Miss Gorgeous "I Am Not Lipstick" Cosmetic Applicator

11 July 2017

Miss Gorgeous is a brand new brand to me that create really fun beauty products that are unlike I have tried or seen before. This is just one of the products from the company and I have my eyes on the Brush Cleaning Mat next - I am always looking for things to speed up cleaning my brushes. 
Miss Gorgeous "I Am Not Lipstick" Cosmetic Applicator
Miss Gorgeous "I Am Not Lipstick" Cosmetic Applicator Miss Gorgeous "I Am Not Lipstick" Cosmetic Applicator
The Lipstick Sponge with Mirror retails for £9.99 and is available in a few different colours and styles, I have the pick option which is gorgeous! It is also available in black, purple, orange and mint green. This can be used for eyeshadow application and touching up on the go. I love that it has small mirror on the side of the outer packaging as I always forget to carry one in my handbag. 

This is unlike any product I have used before and it is specifically for touching up on the go but is shaped like a lipstick. It does a decent job at blending and is much better to apply concealer to blemishes than my fingers. This is great for blending product around the nose and applying concealer to any unwanted blemishes throughout the day. I find my foundation can sometimes settle around the nose and in my smile lines so this is great to sort this out. As it is in a lipstick style packaging, you don't have to worry about anything from inside your handbag getting onto the sponge as it is cased keeping it as hygienic as possible. The only issue I have with this is that my casing doesn't actually stay on it all of the time so I do have to be careful and keep it separated in my handbag.

I do think this is a great product for touching up on go and if you are looking for something specifically for this, definitely check out Miss Gorgeous - HERE.


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