Beauty Wishlist #48

I just can't stop lust over beauty products at the moment! I can go months sometimes without wanting to buy a beauty product but at the moment, it's all I want to spend my money on! I have missed Glossier off my current wishlist, I am desperate to try the brand but I am holding off until they launch in the UK in October.
Beauty Wishlist #48

One of the most hyped products on Instagram is the Unicorn Essence and I can't believe its £50 in the UK! It had better have actual unicorn tears in it for that price tag! This does look like a great product and after seeing Laura Lee use it in a video, it has made me want to try it even more. Another product I have had my eye on is Champagne Pop, I have wanted this since it was launched and I am determined to pick this up in the next few weeks. 

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