Zoella Beauty Favourites

I have been a fan of Zoe since her blogging days and when she had just started her YouTube channel to share her Primark hauls. I can't believe how successful she has become and I am obsessed with her beauty range. I have been buying her products since they first launched and I thought it was time I shared my favourite products!
Zoella Beauty Favourites
Zoella Beauty Favourites Zoella Beauty Favourites
My favourite product from her range is the fizz bars. Zoella Beauty has launched a few different scents since she started her range and I love them all. While they don't change the colour of the water, they release a gorgeous fragrance and a milky layer to the water. The Classic Fizz Bar comes with eight cubes, you can use as much as you want but I usually like to use two cubes per bath. The Classic range features a fresh and floral scent, it is more on the fresh side. Then we have the Le Fizz Bath Fizzer, this one is bigger than the Classic one and has a sweet delicious scent. The final fizz bar is the newest one available, the Gelato Bath Wafers. These are different than the other two but still give off an amazing scent, this fizz bar has an Elderflower and Pomegranate scent! You get two baths out of this and these are much more hydrating and nourishing on the skin than the other two.

I have been really loving bath salts lately and I spotted the Zoella Beauty Sugar Dip for £1.20 on Feel Unique a few weeks ago so I had to have it! You take a small handful of these under running water and it leaves the bath smelling deliciously sweet. One product from the range that I am obsessed with but I have currently run out of is the Pretty Polished Sugar Scrub. I love exfoliators and is one of my favourites! It makes my skin incredibly smooth without drying it out in the slightest. I can't wait to get another tub of this soon.

I have always loved her makeup bags, the set from her Christmas range last year was one of my favourite sale purchases but my absolute favourite is the Life Is Sweet Beauty Pouch. This is a coin purse, it's perfect for holding change or a few notes and a lip gloss or two. I love the attention to detail and it only cost me £3 from Feel Unique so it was a total bargain! I like to always keep a hand sanitizer in my handbag and so I thought I would give the Hand of Heart Hand Gel a try. This has really surprised me as I thought it would make my hands feel a little sticky but it doesn't in the slightest. It leaves the hands feeling clean with a gorgeous fragrance!

My final favourite is the Gelato Shower Sauce. I love shower gels, I seem to have a huge stash of them but I have found myself using this the most. I really love the scent of the Jelly and Gelato collection so I definitely want to get the body mist soon! This shower gel isn't drying on the skin but always leaves it feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I am obsessed with the packaging too, it's such a pretty bottle!


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