Dr Ceuticals Top Picks

Dr Ceuticals is a brand I have been wanting to try for a while now and these three products have really impressed me, I can't wait to try out more from the brand soon. These are perfect summer products to get the skin prepped and ready!
Dr Ceuticals Top Picks
The first product I have been trying out is the Beach Perfect Body Firmer. This couldn't have arrived at a better time as I got this right before I was going on holiday. This is an advanced shaping treatment that has been formulated to redefine your silhouette whilst improving skin softness and elasticity. It is packed with hard working ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B3 to rejuvenate the skin to encourage the body's supply of collagen. It also has added Seaweed and stimulating caffeine to help flush excess fluids leading to cellulite and fatty deposits. It also offers long lasting hydration to the skin from Shea butter, Coconut oil and Almond oil.

Thi s is to be used as light body cream on clean, dry skin every day or whenever your skin is need of a hydration and firming boost. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now in the evening and I have been really liking the results. My skin has been feeling much more hydrated and I like that it isn't heavy or greasy on the skin. My skin has definitely been looking more toned and I can't wait to continue using this and I will keep you updated on the results. 

I hate feet but they are something that needed to be taken good care off! I love using foot masks but I never thought to try a specific scrub for the feet. The Pumice Food Scrub is a great healing remedy treatment for relieving dry, hardened feet. It has an invigorating formula that has been enriched with Peppermint and Menthol. It will polish away any rough, dry patches on the heels and soles and has added hydrating ingredients to provide intense moisture. I really like how well this works! It makes my feet feel so soft and smooth - ready for sandals! I did have a few dry patches near my ankle and it worked wonders on these. I love that it doesn't try out the skin due to the moisturising formula.

The final product I have been loving from the brand is the Super Repair Hand Cream. I am very fussy with my hand creams as I don't anything heavy or greasy on the hands. This is an advanced glycerine-based hand cream boosted with anti-ageing Coenzyme Q10 and a pro-collagen peptide to help intensely moisturise the skin and replenish lost moisture and suppleness to the hands. It also has a combination of repairing and nourishing ingredients. This locks in moisture and is very comforting on the skin. It isn't at all greasy on the skin and feels so smooth from the moment you apply it. 

Dr Ceuticals products are available at Boots - HERE.


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