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Long Sexy Hair Favourites

I love my hair, it's super long but it does tend to get quite dry through the mids to ends so I am always on the hunt for products to keep my hair hydrated and soft. These really caught my eye as they are specifically for long hair as well as hair extensions and I haven't really come across any products just for long hair before.
Long Sexy Hair Favourites
Long Sexy Hair Favourites
Long Sexy Hair Favourites
The first product I have been using from this range is an absolute life saver! It is the Luxe Detangler Spray which has been infused with Moringa Oil. This is a leave in spray that I have been using every time I wash my hair and using it on damp hair before I brush it. This makes such a huge difference in how easy it now is to brush my hair, I was already using a Tangle Teezer but this makes it actually glide through my hair now! The main issue I have with having such long hair is how knotty it gets and this not only makes it easier to brush but it also injects the hair with moisture as it has deep yet gentle leave in treatment within it. It has definitely helped prevent some dryness with my hair and it has been feeling so much stronger and less damaged since I have been using it.

The other product I have been loving is the Luxe Blow Out and I am obsessed with it! I blow dry my hair most days as I am always in a hurry to get going and this helps lock in moisture with also having detangling properties. This is a really great all in one product as it not only hydrates and detangles but it also helps add so much shine to my hair as well as keeping all of my frizz at bay. My hair is quite damaged so it does tend to be extra frizzy and this really does make my hair look and feel incredibly smooth. My mids to ends do look quite dull a lot of the time so having this product add so much shine back into my hair is a great bonus!

I have tried so many different products from the Sexy Hair brand and I am yet to be disappointed. There are a few more products in the Long Sexy Hair range that I can't wait to try out soon. These two products and the rest of the range are available at Beauty Bay - HERE.


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