Luxe Studio K1 Set Review

I love trying out new makeup brushes, especially when they are from the high street as I am all about finding a good bargain! Luxe Studio is a brand that I hadn't tried before but I have been so impressed with, these brushes are so soft and of high quality for an affordable price! These brushes come in so handy and I actually use one of them for a beauty hack that I have to share too. 
Luxe Studio K1 Set Review
Luxe Studio K1 Set Review
Luxe Studio K1 Set Review
This is the Luxe Studio K1 Set which retails for £18.99 at Boots and contains two extremely handy makeup brushes. This set includes one brush for the face and one for the eyes but of course, you can use them however you like! These are oval/spoon style brushes which have been extremely popular over the past year or so and I love that there are now affordable options that are great quality, these are softer than a set I have which was over £60! And of course, as these brushes are rose gold, I love them even more! 

Both of these brushes can be used with liquids and powders and I do use them with both types of products and can achieve great results. I have been using the smaller one, designed for the eyes, to actually blend and apply powder directly under the lower lash line. No matter what concealers I use, if I don't set it the right way it will crease within minutes so I love that this brush fits this area perfectly and then prevents any creasing throughout the day. This brush has been designed to use to apply shadows to the lid but I do prefer it for applying concealer and powders under the eyes. 

The larger brush is perfect for applying my foundations on the chin and nose for fuller, flawless coverage. It's great to make sure that you have blended foundation, especially around the nose. It's the perfect size for liquid foundation application as you can be more precise with it and it helps achieve fuller coverage. It can be used to apply contour products as well but I always forget to actually contour! 

One thing that I am obsessed with about these brushes and one of the reasons I prefer to use these over my other similar brushes is the handle shape. It has been designed to be easier to hold and manipulate and you can achieve better precision. You also have more control over where you blend and place product. These brushes are actually angled for better visibility during application, this makes it so much easier to apply products and blend directly underneath the lower lash line. These are both synthetic fibre brushes and they are extremely soft and durable, I like that they are a little more flexible than my other brushes similar to these. These are definitely my favourite oval brushes that I have tried so far! 

The Luxe Studio K1 Set retails for £18.99 at Boots - HERE.


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