70 Years of Eylure

This year, Eylure are celebrating 70 years of creating gorgeous lashes on a budget! They are one of the only brands I trust when it comes to my lashes (and brows but I will be talking about those wonder products in a post soon!). If you are looking for some new false lashes, whether you are on a budget or not, you need some Eylure lashes in your life.
70 Years of Eylure
70 Years of Eylure
70 Years of Eylure
Eylure have so many different lashes to choose from depending on the type of lash look you are going for. The range is huge and they have even collaborated with a few different celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and a few influencers like Fleur de Force and Nicole Guerriero. To celebrate their 70th birthday, they are taking us on a trip back in time and showing how beauty has changed over the last seven decades. If you are ever looking at these lashes in any store, make sure to check the back of the boxes as they have images of how the lashes look on which is so helpful when decided which style to purchase.

First up are the Volume No.100 Lashes. These have been inspired by the fabulous 40's when Eylure was first established. These lashes are available in an individual set or a multipack and they are a classic, fully laden style lash for a regular look to the lashes to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. These are suitable for all eye shapes and they are the kind of lashes I would wear every day. Next up are the Definition No.121 Lashes. These lashes have been designed to help recreate the glamour of the 1950's. These are some of my favourite lashes from Eylure and have a black lash band with some extra definition on the outer edge. These lashes are a cobweb-delicate style lash that are slightly more dramatic than the No.100's.

Then we have the Accents No.003 Lashes with a 60's feel. These are the perfect lashes if you are looking to add a cute and subtle lift to your lashes. These aren't the kind of lashes I would usually wear as I do like my lashes to be dramatic personally but I am definitely going to try these ones out soon! Next up are the Texture No.117 Lashes to take you to the 70's! These lashes are another favourite of mine and they are a long, angled lash with a twisty, messed up finish. These have a wispy feel to them and I just can't get enough of them. Inspired by the 80's are the Lengthening No.116 Lashes and like the No.100 lashes, these are ones that I would wear every day. These lashes are also available pre-glued and these lashes are precisely separated for a natural look.

The Volume No.070 Lashes have been repackaged to celebrate their 70th birthday with some fun and festive packaging. These lashes are compact but full for a subtle yet airy look. I have gone through so many pairs of these lashes and I always love how they look on me. And finally, we have the Definition No. 126 Lashes to create a bold lash that we all love. These lashes are super glam and are a spikey lash in cool sections that are defined. These are some of my favourite lashes and always a go-to for any special occasion.

Eylure lashes are by far some of the best ones I have tried, they fit my eye shape well and they are extremely comfortable to wear. I never used to wear lashes that often but I find myself wearing them much more these days and it's almost always a pair from Eylure. They include an adhesive with every pair of lashes and I have always found it to keep my lashes on all day long. As long as you remove them carefully at the end of each day, you can get a couple of uses out of each pair!

You can find Eylure lashes and the rest of their range at Superdrug - HERE.


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