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Up until I tried these products, I have been really struggling to get a good nights sleep. I would wake up multiple times throughout the night and most nights I just couldn't fall asleep for hours. I had heard such good things about Feather & Down that I just had to try the products for myself and I have never been so impressed with products as I have been with these! 
Feather & Down
Feather & Down
Feather & Down
Feather & Down
Feather & Down launched earlier this year at Boots with a great range of individual products and a couple gift sets. These products have all been created to help you get a restful nights sleep and relax the mind. Research has shown that lavender increases the type of brain waves associated with relaxation so the full range of products is packed full of Lavender to help you fall asleep. They have an infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to help reduce an anxious mind and encourage calm to aid a restful night's sleep. With these products, as soon as my head hits the pillow I begin to fall asleep! 

The Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray (£7) is now a must have and doesn't leave my bedside. I have noticed the biggest difference from using this product as it is what is helping me fall asleep much quicker at night. I have been spraying this onto my pillows before I brush my teeth so when I get into bed I am ready to fall asleep. The fragrance of this spray isn't too strong and really helps my mind relax and ease before going to sleep. I honestly fall sleep within minutes since I have been using this and usually, it would take me at least an hour to fall asleep! 

The Sweet Dreams Sleep Balm (£7) is perfect for nights when I know I really need a good nights sleep and I have found it helps me get a deeper nights sleep. This is an all-purpose sleep balm that can be used on your pulse points, e.g. wrists, temples and neck, to help the fragrance last longer due to the beat of your heart. I find it works the best on my temples and wrists. It isn't drying on the skin in the slightest, it has Vitamin E to help nourish the skin, I haven't found it to irritate my skin which is what I was worried about with this product. 

The final product I have been using is the Sweet Dreams Melting Shower Cream (£6). Just like the other two products, it has that gorgeous relaxing fragrance and this is what I use whenever I have a quick shower or bath before bed. It's very comforting on the skin and doesn't stip the skin of any hydration while cleansing. It is actually been proven that taking a quick shower before bed helps you prepare for sleep as the feeling of warm running water on your skin helps relax the body and eases tension after a long day. 

I have been using all three of these products for a week or so now and honestly, I have never had a better nights sleep! The main issue I would have is waking up in the middle of the night, as I get up at 5:30 and for work Monday to Friday and if I would wake up at 3/4 am I would never fall back to sleep but I have actually been sleeping fully through the night until my alarm goes off! I really love the fragrance of this range I do find it super relaxing. I have anxiety and I do find it to be much worse before I go to sleep as my brain will go 100 times a minute with worry but I have noticed it has eased massively since I started using these. For the first time ever, I am actually waking up rested and not complaining about how tired I am throughout the day! 

The full Feather & Down range is available at Boots - HERE.


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