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Soaprise Homemade Favourites

As the weather starts to get colder and darker at night, I am all about relaxing with a bath and a film on my laptop! And of course, you have to have a bath bomb or something to make the bath a little more fun! I haven't tried too many bath bomb companies before but Soaprise have well and truly spoilt me and sent me some of their lovely products to try out.
Soaprise Homemade Favourites
Soaprise Homemade Favourites
Soaprise Homemade Favourites
I love bath bombs, I think they are my favourite bath product to use and Soaprise have a tonne of different ones available! The first one I tried was the Orangeade Shea Butter Souffle Bath Bomb and I was so impressed with it! It turned my bath water a bright orange and I loved how softening it was on the skin, I have never had a bath bomb make my skin as soft as this one did! I also used some of the Soap Flowers which come in a cute heart-shaped box. I popped a few of the petals into my bath with the bath bomb and the scent was heavenly!

The next bath bomb I tried was the Watermelon Bath Bomb, I loved this one and I think it might have to be my favourite! I love a fruity scent so this was right up my street! It also includes all of my favourite colours and I loved how it frizzed around my bath, I need another one of these asap! The other bath bombs I tried were the Citrus Bath Bomb and Intimate Fizzy Bath Bomb. All of the bath bombs that I tried made the bath fun colours and I love that they filled my bathroom with fragrance. They aren't too expensive either with most of them being at around £3 each or less. I have my eyes on a few of the Halloween ones, I hope they bring out some for Christmas too as Christmas is my favourite thing in the world!

One thing I think is brilliant that they offer is a monthly subscription and it's at a fantastic discount than the retail price of the products. They have a few different ones available and I think it would make such a great gift this Christmas too! I think my favourite is the Simple Soaker (Large Package) for £26.99 as this would keep you or a loved one well stocked up on bath bombs! They also offer free delivery when you spend over £15 and I can't resist free delivery!

All of the products that I have just talked about came in a hamper (it was beautifully presented) as well as the Chamomile & Lemon Solid Shampoo Bar and the Watermelon Artisan Soap Slice. These are made to order and you can even build your own. For all of the products that I mentioned are available in the hamper it's just £19.95 (which would also make such a great gift!)


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