My Must Have Christmas Room Spray

I am in full-on Christmas mode..if you couldn't already tell by my festive new blog header and how much I go on about Christmas on Twitter! I need my house to smell like Christmas at all times once Halloween is over and this room spray helps me do just that! This is such a lovely fragrance and it makes me feel so festive! 
Christmas Room Spray
This is the Absolute Aromas Noel Natural Room Spray and I must admit, I have never used many room sprays before which is actually quite shocking to me as I am obsessed with home fragrance! This is from a brand I hadn't heard of before (I know I need to try more products already) and I have been really enjoying this product so far, if you love warm scents I think you would really love this. This is one of those products that would be perfect to keep around the house to freshen up throughout the day or for just before someone pops round. This has all natural essential oils as the ingredients it contains:

- Orange Essential Oil
- Cinnamon Essential Oil
- Clove Essential Oil
- Pine Essential Oil
- Myrrh Essential Oil
- Frankincense Essential Oil
- Denatured Alcohol

This is a wonderfully festive fragrance that is reminiscent of mulled wine and cloves if you like cinnamon this is a scent you will fall in love with. I'm not usually one for scents like this one but there is something about this that just works. It isn't too strong that it offends the nose and it really does linger well in any room. You only need a couple of spritzes and you are good to go, I actually like to turn the ceiling fans on and spray it into them distributes the scent evenly throughout the room! I have found myself using this almost every day in my living room, it makes it feel so cosy! 

The Absolute Aromas Noel Natural Room Spray retails for £4.99 - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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