Yankee Candle Christmas Collection 2017

During the colder months, my obsession with candles comes back in full swing and as soon as the Christmas collections launch, I make it my mission to get them all! Yankee Candle is one of my favourite candle brands and this year their Christmas collection is one of my favourites. This collection launched at the beginning of last month and if you love festive scents, I think you will really like this range.
Yankee Candle Christmas Collection 2017
Yankee Candle Christmas Collection 2017
This year Yankee Candle have released The Perfect Christmas collection to capture the most magical time of the year with fragrance. There are four scents available with each being available in different forms from jar candles to wax melts depending on what you are looking for. I always like to go for the wax melts as they are a great affordable option if like me you like to switch up for scent often. With each wax melt they will provide around eight hours of home fragrance but with loads that I have tried, they usually last much longer. I found that all of these melts provided at least eight hours of strong fragrance, a great value at £1.79 each. The four scents from this collection are:

- Crackling Wood Fire: build winter memories around a warm cedarwood fire kindled with sweet hits of nutmeg and warm amber.
- Spiced White Cocoa: warm and indulgent with added swirls of cocoa topped with whipped cream and a touch of nutmeg.
- Christmas Magic: a classic Christmas scent if balsam and pine with hints of birch and eucalyptus
- The Perfect Tree: a balsam and fir-scent with festive snowy branches.

I am a massive Christmas tree scented candle fan, I can't get enough of them as I always have artificial trees so it's nice to be able to add the scent to my home, especially with The Perfect Tree. This has quickly become one of my favourite Christmas tree scents and I love how well the notes work together. It has top notes of evergreen garland and bergamot, mid notes of pine needles, white birch and glowing amber finished with base notes of fresh cut pine, incense and cedar. Another Christmas tree kind of scent from this collection is the Christmas Magic. This has top notes of mandarin, bergamot, eucalyptus, mid notes of fir balsam, pine needle sap, incense and spruce and finished with the base notes of cedarwood and birch. I really like that this is completely different to Perfect Free with the hints of something spicy and the mandarin.

I love a foodie scent so I knew I was going to be a fan of Spiced White Cocoa. This has top notes of white cocoa, mid notes of salted caramel, sweet cream and nutmeg, completed with the base notes of butterscotch. This is a different kind of foodie scent for me because it does have those warm notes and the hints of salted caramel, I don't usually go for scents like this - I am an addict of Christmas Cookies which is extremely sweet. This isn't as sweet as what I would usually go for but I am a big fan of it and already have a backup. This is definitely one of those scents that you can use long past Christmas. Another scent that is perfect for Winter and not just Christmas is Crackling Wood Fire. This is such a great winter scent with top notes of nutmeg, myrrh, cinnamon, mid notes of vanilla and amber finished with the base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, smoky and incense.

The Yankee Candle 2017 Christmas collection is available - HERE.

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