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Bath & Body Works Christmas Favourites

Bath and Body Works products are my weakness, I just can't stop buying them! I love the products and scents that they put out throughout the year but when it comes to Christmas I do a little bit mad. My cousin was recently in America and asked me if I wanted anything so of course, I had to send him to the store while he was there! I also buy a lot of mine from Facebook, I will share all the info at the end of this post.
Bath & Body Works Christmas Favourites
Bath & Body Works Christmas Favourites
Bath & Body Works Christmas Favourites
When it comes to Christmas scents, Bath and Body Works know how to get them right! If you love candles like I do then you need to try the 3-wick candles, I do like the medium ones too but the 3-wick versions have a much stronger scent throw from my experience. The other products I always buy and would recommend are the Fragrance Mists and the Pocketbacs, I do like the shower gels a lot too but I have run out of mine at the moment. Bath and Body Works release a few new scents every year, White Mint Latte is one of the new ones available for this year and I know Santa has got me this so I can't wait to burn it. Along with the new scents, they also bring back the 'Holiday Traditions' range which has been out for years and years but are some of the best scents around. 

I am addicted to candy canes at this time of year, I could honestly eat them all day every day! And Twisted Peppermint is just that! It smells like a delicious peppermint candy cane with hints of Vanilla, this is a very fresh scent - it almost smells cool. I have been using the Fragrance Mist almost every day for the last few weeks and I like to mix it with a bit of Vanilla Bean Noel. This is another Holiday Traditions scent and this is super sweet and smells like a vanilla cupcake. It can be a little strong for me some days so I like to mix it with Twisted Peppermint to tone it down a little bit. 

And because I love Twisted Peppermint so much I have to have it in a 3-wick candle! I have had this in the wax melts and a shower gel too and I really can't get enough of it. The 3-wick candle has such a powerful scent throw that it can easily fill the whole house with fragrance. Another candle I love from Bath and Body Works is Fresh Balsam, I had one last year and I just had to have it again this year! This is a straight-up Christmas tree scented candle and I love it because I don't have a real tree anymore so this makes the house smell like I do! I have the Camp Winter version which has notes of Pine, Cedarwood and Eucapltyus Essential Oils. 

I have to have a Pocketbac in every one of my handbags and at my desk, I like to keep my hands nice and clean so I always stock up at Christmas time. This year they have come out with some really cute and sweetly packaged ones like with Twisted Peppermint which has a penguin on. Merry Berry Kiss is one of my all-time favourite scents from Bath and Body Works, I wish they made more products in this scent! To me it kind of smells like blue raspberry which is one of my favourite flavours. Another scent I always get a few of is Fresh Sparkling Snow, this is more of a fruity scent and I like to use this throughout the winter. These Pocketbacs don't take up much room in my bag but I have a few different holders which I like to use to have one clipped to my bag to make it quicker and easier to use. My cousin actually got me a Snowman holder and it lights up - I love it! These hand gels don't dry out the skin and leave them smelling wonderful. 

If you want to try Bath & Body Works and you're based in the UK, I always recommend buying from Facebook but there are some really great eBay sellers and UK sites that sell the products. I wrote a full post last year on all the details which you can check out - HERE.



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