My Favourite Festive Yankee Candle Scents

Yankee Candle has been one of my favourite candle brands for years now and I always make sure to buy all of the Christmas scents as those are usually my favourites. I just released as I was writing this that I forgot to include Christmas Eve which is a must have for me every single year! I burn it every year on...Christmas Eve! So now it holds so many memories.
My Favourite Festive Yankee Candle Scents
Every few months Yankee Candle come out with a new collection and The Perfect Tree is from the 2017 Christmas range. I love Christmas tree scents as I don't have a real tree and I like to make the house smell like I actually have one! I have tried so many different ones from other brands as well and this is a new favourite of mine. This is a balsam and fir scent with festive snowy branches, it's more of a fresh Christmas tree scent which I love and it is definitely an authentic scent! I know I am going to need a few more of these to get me through the holiday season.

For sweeter scents, I always go for Christmas Treats (it's also known as Santa's Treats) from the Home Inspiration line that you can get at ASDA. This smells like a fresh batch of cookies with tonnes of vanilla goodness. I wouldn't say that this if a specific Christmas scent but I like to burn/melt foodie scents in the Winter and at Christmas as it makes it feel cosy. Another foodie scent I adore is Berry Trifle. This is very sweet but has an added fruitiness to it with mouth-watering fresh berries on a bed of soft vanilla cream. Again, not actually a Christmas scent but it is something I always burn at this time of year. This is a stronger fragrance and can fill larger spaces with no problem.

The next two are all only available in the USA generally but I always have a search on eBay for mine and manage to find the ones I am after - luckily! The first one is North Pole and I have no idea why this isn't available in the UK because it is so good! This is a sweet blend of icy cool mint and sugary rich vanilla cream which are two of my favourite things. I have had this before and I have always really loved it as I am obsessed with anything with peppermint in! To me, this smells like a candy cane with hints of vanilla. Merry Marshmallow used to be available in the UK but they decided to discontinue it a few years ago (how rude)! This is a super sweet concoction of marshmallow and vanilla that isn't at all sickly. If you couldn't already tell...I like vanilla!

And my final favourite is Cherries on Snow which is another USA exclusive scent. I went to a local Christmas light switch on a couple of weeks ago and saw that they had a bunch of American scents in one of the shops so I made sure to stock up! Cherries on Snow is a scent both myself and my Mum were obsessed with when it was available here years ago and I am so happy to have it again! This has notes of cherry, almond and sweet citrus with the notes of spicy cinnamon, tart cherries and musk. This is one of the few wax melts that can easily fill the whole house with the delicious scent.

What are your favourite Christmas scents?


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