My Festive Favourites

It's officially the best month of the whole year! And while I have basically been celebrating Christmas since Halloween ended, I can now take it up a level and get even more festive! These are my festive favourites that I like to enjoy as much as I can during December, of course, all while wearing one of my many Christmas jumpers!
My Festive Favourites
Food at this time of year is by far the best! Of course, I love a roast, I honestly can't wait for Christmas Day but the treats at this time of year are what I really love. The Cadbury Festive Friends are something I have to have every single Christmas! These are little biscuits with chocolate on one side and I could easily eat a whole box while I watch a Christmassy movie as they are so addictive. Another sweet treat favourite of mine is the Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies. I wish they made these all year round because they are so much better than the standard versions. I have been loving having one of these with a cup of tea in the evenings. And please tell me you agree that advent calendar chocolate tastes SO much better than any other chocolate?!

Christmas films are that one thing that makes me so incredibly happy no matter what time of year it is. I am far too obsessed with Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and I am planning on sharing a full post on my favourite ones but one of my favourite ones from the Hallmark Channel is Northpole (and Northpole: Open for Christmas). I love Bailee Madison who stars in these films and it's a feel-good family favourite. A year doesn't go by when I don't watch The Santa Clause, sorry for all you guys who think Elf is the best Christmas movie -it's not, it's all about this one! The Santa Clause is a trilogy but the first one is honestly the best. Charlie's Dad accident becomes Santa and it's just the perfect Christmas movie. A newer Christmas film I quite liked is a Netflix Original called A Christmas Prince, I have a slight weakness for films based on royalty. 

I have been listening to Christmas music since September and Spotify have so many great playlists which I honestly just switch between every day. One of my favourite Christmas songs is Step Into Christmas - Elton John and it always makes me want to dance! The Everyday is Christmas - Sia Album has been on repeat ever since it came out and I'm still not bored or it! My favourite songs at the moment is Ho Ho Ho and Candy Cane Lane. I love to read a Christmassy book before bed and I am finally going to start Sarah Morgan's Moonlight of Manhattan tonight, I have really loved her books this year so I have high hopes! 

Christmas at Bath and Body Works can't be missed (I buy all of mine from Facebook usually) and as I don't have a real Christmas tree I like to make the house smell as festive as possible with candles. My all-time favourite scent is Fresh Balsam and I have already gone through one three wick candle this year of this scent! This is the best Christmas tree scented candle in all of the lands and it makes the whole house smell as soon as you burn it. Twisted Peppermint is another scent I adore and I'm sure I probably have every single product that this scent is available in! This is a candy cane scent and it smells so authentic. 

What are your festive favourites?



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