Soap & Glory Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Glosses

Lip glosses are one of my top two formulations of lip products, the other being lip balms, and I always get so excited when I see new ones released. I am forever raving about Soap and Glory and I knew as soon as I saw these new glosses online that I had to give them a try! They also have a similar product in a matte finish which I really want to try next now that I have been using and loving these. 
Soap & Glory Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Glosses
Soap & Glory Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Glosses
Soap & Glory Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Glosses
Holographic and metallic lips are big beauty trend at the moment and I love that more affordable brands are bringing out their own takes on the trend because I like to keep it as affordable as possible! You never know what the next trend is going to be so sometimes it isn't worth splashing the cash and to be honest, you can't go wrong with Soap & Glory anyway! The new Soap & Glory Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Glosses are available in three shades and I have been obsessed with the two that I have, I think they are going to be great for Christmas and New Year too! This definitely a product you can customise slightly on the application as you can sheer it out, wear them as a lip topper or you can go for full intensity with a slightly thicker layer - it's all up to you! The three shades available are:

- Back to the Fuchsia (pink) 
- Blaze of Glory (peachy)
- Starship Silver (white)

The packaging of these glosses is super cute in true Soap & Glory style. They come in shorter tubes that are chubbier than any other gloss in my collection and has little stars throughout the packaging. They fit perfectly in my handbag too and I have such a small bag that I am always worried about them taking up too much room so this makes me happy! You get 6ml of product in each unit for just £8 each and the brand is often on offer too and I always like to take advantage of these deals. They feature a soft doe foot applicator which fits my lips perfectly and allows me to get an even and precise application each and every time.

These glosses aren't at all sticky or drying on the lips, I find them to be very smooth feeling and they last surprisingly well! You get around six hours of wear time once you have applied them, I am really happy with this because I find I always have to reapply glosses quite quickly. They hold up well through eating and drinking as well. They don't feel heavy on the lips either. I love to wear Back to the Fuchsia on its own but with Starship Silver I do prefer to wear it over a lipstick as it doesn't look right with my skin tone if I don't. Both of these shades have incredible shine and gloss and reflective finishes - I can't stop staring at my lips whenever I wear them and check a mirror! 

The Spectaculips Galactic Glaze Holographic Glosses are available for £8 exclusively at Boots - HERE.


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