Three Favourites From Glossier

I am fully in love with Glossier and I can't wait to see what they do next! Glossier is definitely a brand that I didn't think I would like as I do because I like full coverage and more intense makeup but I have been really enjoying everything I have tried so far. I like that they are putting skincare before makeup and that's the way it really should be! 
Three Favourites From Glossier
Three Favourites From Glossier
There isn't a product from Glossier that I have tried so far that I don't like but these three products have very quickly become daily essentials. I can't see myself stopping using them anytime soon and I have already bought a back up of one of them because I love it so much. Glossier has only just launched in the UK a few months ago now and I would highly recommend trying these three products at least! If you haven't tried Glossier yet you can get 10% off your first order by using *this link*. Full disclosure, using this link makes me £10 credit so I would love if you did want to use it! 

I have been using the Milky Jelly Cleanser ever since I got my hands on it every evening as my second step cleanse. This is a conditioning face wash that always leaves my skin feeling super soft and never stripped of moisture or feeling tight. This will help make sure that any traces of makeup and grime that have been left on the skin after removing your makeup are removed, it isn't a heavy-duty cleanser so it won't take off your makeup well. The consistency is perfect, it's a mixture of a jelly and a cream and is unlike anything I have used before. I love how it leaves my skin feeling super clean while leaving it feeling hydrated, this is really important for my skin at the moment has it has been feeling quite dry. This comes with a pump so it is so easy and quick to use every evening, I do like to use this in the mornings too. 

I have terrible brows, they are small and just generally not great so I didn't think Boy Brow would work for me as I have only ever seen people with amazing brows use this and love it. Boy Brow is available in three tinted shades as well as the Clear version which is what I have been using and loving. This is one of the best brow gels I have ever used but it's not actually a gel it's more of a pomade but it will keep your brows in place all day long like a traditional gel would. This leaves my brows feeling comfortable without being stiffened and it doesn't flake throughout the day. The thing I really love about this product is how it makes my brows look! As I have crappy brows, I will use a mixture of a pomade and pencils to basically create new brows which can look a little fake at times and this makes the brow hairs actually stand out and look much more natural. I definitely want to get one of the tinted versions soon. 

I have saved the best for last and that is the Balm Dotcom. I am honestly obsessed with this product and use it multiple times throughout the day and I have become that person who always has one at arm's length because I just can't be without it now! This is a multipurpose balm which can be used to seal in moisture wherever you place it, I mainly use mine on the lips but I love it on my cuticles and my knuckles too! These are incredibly hydrating and long-lasting on the lips and skin and I have never used a product quite like this before. I have very dry lips and this instantly comforts the lips and gets them feeling soft and smooth in no time! I have very dry cuticles and knuckles from spending a lot of time outside with my bunnies and I like to pop a tiny bit of this onto these areas and it's life-changing, I have never known a product to hydrate as quickly as this does! I have the Birthday version which is clear with glitter in, I love this for the lips and I even use this over lipsticks now but I also picked up the Mint version over Black Friday and I am obsessed. They both have very authentic scents/flavours and I really want to get my hands on Cherry next as it is tinted!

What are your favourites from Glossier?


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