Teeth Whitening with Janina Ultra White

I have always been really fussy when it comes to my teeth, I only like certain brands of products and I like my teeth to be as white as possible. Over the last couple of months as I have started to drink coffee on a daily basis I noticed it had really effected my teeth and I had been hating it. They had become quite yellow so I was really excited to try out these three products from Janina.
 Janina Ultra White
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 Janina Ultra White
 Janina Ultra White
 Janina Ultra White
 Janina Ultra White
Before vs After (three weeks of use)

The first of the three products I have been trying out is the Charcoal and Clay Teeth Whitening Powder (£13). I hadn't tried anything quite like this product before, I didn't even know that this kind of product actually existed! This has been designed to gently polish, freshen and remove stains from your teeth for visibly whiter teeth. This can be used twice a day and I like to alternate between this and the actual toothpaste. I do really like this powder, it's great for the evening as it provides a really great deep clean! This is a little scary to use at first but it does a really great job and my teeth have never felt cleaner. This product, as well as the toothpaste, are safe for everyday use and are ideal for electric and battery toothbrushes. 

The Activated Charcoal Toothpaste (£11.50) is what I have been using almost every single morning, the only time I haven't been using this is if I have been using the powder. This has a unique, low abrasion formulation which contains the most active ingredients for good oral hygiene and contains a combination of natural enzymes to whiten teeth without harsh abrasives. I really like this product and I find that with most black toothpastes they usually have the best results for whitening teeth and this toothpaste is no different, it's one of the best ones I have used. I started using this product first and within a few days, I noticed that some of the surface staining (from drinking too much coffee) and begun to fade away. I really like that this doesn't taste disgusting, I actually really like the flavour of this (the powder is the same too) as makes it a little more enjoyable! 

The product I have noticed the biggest change from is the Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-Filled Trays 10s (£30). Inside the box, you get five sets of trays (two in each strip, one for the top teeth and one for the bottom) which are to be used as a five-day system. These are a much more intensive whitening product, you wear them for 35 minutes a session and I found them to be very comfortable while in use. With all other whitening treatments I had used in the past they would actually stick onto the teeth but these are kind of like a gum shield to use. These are one-size-fits-all trays and ready to use right out of the box! What I love about these is that they actually whiten the front and back of your teeth whereas all other strips and treatments I had used before, would only whiten the front. The flavour of the actual product is really nice, it's very minty and the trays themselves are soft and flexible during use. If you are wanting to whiten your teeth quickly but effectively, this is the product for you! These will whiten teeth by 3.6 shades in just one application and I would definietly have to agree with this claim! I was shocked at how well these worked from just come application and I would be so excited each night to use these and see the results. 

As you can see from my before and after photos, these products seriously work! One thing I was really worried about was tooth sensitivity as with a lot of whitening products I had used in the past, they made my teeth really painful but I haven't had a single issue. I haven't had any pain or discomfort in the slightest which I am so happy about! I would have to say that I noticed the biggest improvement from the trays, I was expecting this but I didn't think they would make as much as a big difference as they have - I am seriously impressed, my teeth have been transformed! If you want to get your teeth nice and white for Christmas, you can't go wrong with Janina Ultra White, if you ask me! You can really see the dramatic difference in my teeth colouring, I can't quite believe the difference. 

You can find all Janina products at Boots - HERE. Until the 29th of December 2017, you can get a third off! I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this deal, especially for the trays as these really transformed my teeth and you get £10 off those alone. 

This post is sponsored by Janina and this post contains some affiliate links, all opinions are my own. 


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