Essie Winter Nail Polish Staples

Winter is my favourite season when it comes to nails, I love all the darker shades. I know I can wear them whenever I like but they are just my favourite thing at this time of year. I don't usually have the time to paint my nails but I have made it a 2018 goal to take a little time for myself every few years and painting my nails is something I have been really enjoying.
Essie Winter Nail Polish Staples
Essie Winter Nail Polish Staples
Midnight Cami, Starry Starry Night, Licorice.Essie Winter Nail Polish Staples
Mink Muffs, Bahama Mama, Fishnet Stockings. 

These are the six shades I have had on rotation recently, I think most of these are from the Essie Advent Calendar which was a total bargain on sale for £10! I really rate the Essie nail polish formula, I am very fussy when it comes to nail polishes but this one is brilliant. These polishes dry quickly, last well for me once applied and they are all opaque, needing only two coats. I do like to use a top coat for achieving a super glossy finish, I have been using the Good to Go recently and the Gel Couture one recently.

For when I want a slightly more neutral nail I have been grabbing Mink Muffs. This is a smoky plush taupe polish and I find it compliments my skin tone well and is great for work. I don't usually go for neutral shades but as this one is slightly darker, I have been obsessed with it. If I don't know what colour to go for, I always chose red as I don't think you can ever go wrong with red nails - they are great for so many occasions. I have been wearing Fishnet Stockings a lot recently and it's a darker and warmer toned red, I usually go for blue toned reds so this has been a great little change for me. I love anything slightly berry toned so of course, I fell in love with Bahama Mama. This is a warm rich plum shade, I have found myself wearing this the most lately! Just like the other two products, this polish has a smooth creme finish.

I have always loved the way black nails on other people but I just never thought it was for me. Until I tried Liquorice! This is the perfect black nail polish that's rich in pigment and is just perfect. I have been wearing this so much since I got my hands on it and I love the contrast between it and my paler skin tone, this is another creme based polish. The final two winter staples of mine are both blue polishes. Blue is one of my favourite colours and I have always loved it on my nails. The first is Starry Starry Night, this is one super-hyped polish. This is a twinkling midnight blue polish with a tonne of glitter running through it. What I like about this is that it doesn't feel chunky on the nails like some glitter polishes do. My final favourite Essie polish at the moment has been Midnight Cami. This is a gorgeous shimmery deep blue polish and I find that this lasts the longest on my nails compared to the other shades. This is more of a navy blue compared to Starry Starry Night and I can't get enough of it.

What are your favourite Essie polishes?


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