Glossier Haul

I have had some credit on Glossier burning a hole in my pocket for weeks. Then finally they dropped a new product and POOF all my credit (and money) went! I had been hearing about the new product on social for a little while so I'm glad I held out as it sounds perfect for my skin. I really do love Glossier and can't get enough of the brand, if you want to see what I picked up in my last order, you can check that out - here
Glossier Haul
Glossier Haul
Glossier Haul
The main reason I made this order was for Solution. This is the brand new product which is a chemical exfoliator. The packaging is absolutely stunning and I love the pump as it makes sure you don't waste any product. The bottle has a pearlescent finish to it that is stunning. I love products like this and it sounded right up my street. I am going to be reviewing this with before and after photos soon to see if it really goes work as good as it claims. It says it will reduce redness, blemishes and pore size while improving skin's texture. This has Salicylic Acid in which has worked absolute wonders for my skin so fingers crossed this works for me! It does retail for £19 which is a little more than I was expecting it to be but we will see if it's actually worth the price tag in a few weeks. 

And while I was ordering Solution, I had to order the other products on my wishlist, it would have been rude not to! If you've been following me in the last couple of months, you'll know how much of a fan I am of the Balm Dotcom. I am honestly obsessed with it and while I have the Birthday and Mint versions already, I decided I needed the Cherry version too. This one is tinted so it is different than the other two that I have but it still provides the same great benefits. I would love it if Glossier came out with a peach version - how amazing would that be?!  

When I saw the Body Hero products launch on social media, I honestly wasn't all that interested at first as body products have never massively interested me. Then I heard nothing but good things and decided I had to try the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash. The main reason I wanted this is because my skin has been incredibly dry and sightly irritated recently and as this is an oil it is going to be much more hydrating on the skin. This has been made with 0% water so it won't affect the pH anywhere on your body. I wish I had got the duo now though! 

The final product I picked up was the Priming Moisturiser. I'm close to finishing my current moisturiser so I thought I would give this a try next! I only like light moisturisers for my morning routine and this sounds like it will do a great job for what I'm looking for. This has an anti-redness complex to help calm the skin which is mainly why I wanted to try it because I suffer from a lot of redness. 

If you want to try Glossier, you can use *this link* and get 10% off your first order!


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