What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

If I could get paid to binge watch Netflix, I would have found my dream job. I bloody love Netflix and I am constantly watching movies and TV shows on the app and recommending my favourites. If you are looking for something to watch this weekend, these are my six top picks at the moment. I would include Friends but everyone is watching that at the moment, myself included! 
What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend
What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend
Fuller House 

Full House came off the air the year after I was born but Netflix made me a big fan once they added the complete set of seasons to their catalogue. Around the time I finished Full House, season one of Fuller House was added to Netflix and it's my favourite feel-good show. It makes me so happy every time I watch an episode and it's one of the only TV shows that actually makes me laugh, the other is The Big Bang Theory. It's based on DJ Tanner moving back into her childhood home with Stephanie and Kimmy moving in to help her out with her three sons. My favourite characters are Fernando and Max - they are absolutely hysterical! I have my fingers crossed for a fourth season. 

Chasing Coral

I love documentaries and I made it one of my 2018 goals to actually learn about what's actually happening in the world as I am honestly a bit clueless. Chasing Coral is a documentary film based on a team of divers, scientists and photographers around the world who document the disappearance of coral reefs and it made me so sad and angry to watch. It's beautifully shot and I recommend that every single person watches this. I never realised how important coral reefs are and the fact that cancer medicines are being found in them is phenomenal yet they are disappearing at a dramatic rate due to climate change. It's completely woke me up and I have already implemented changes to the things I buy.

The Incredible Jessica James

This is an American romantic comedy film which is one of the best Netflix Original movies I have watched. I want to be just like Jessica James. I don't want to give much away about this one because it is one of my favourite movies I have watched in the past year but Netflix describes it as "Her ex broke her heart. Her apartment is lined with rejection letters. But this dope queen is hard to keep down". It also stars Chris O'Dowd who I am a big fan off! 

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman 

This is one of the newest Netflix Originals and I loved the first one with Barack Obama. This is a series consisting of interviews with one guest per episode. I'm not sure when the next one is out but this first episode is a must watch. I am a huge Obama fan and have been ever since he ran for President back in 2008 and this is a funny yet knowledgeable episode. It also features a walk with Congressman John Lewis and I will be completely honest, I had no idea who he was or anything about Bloody Sunday but I have been doing a little bit of research since I watched it. The next guests are George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern. 


I love me some wrestling so I knew this was going to be a show I would like and it didn't disappoint. GLOW revolves around the 1980s syndicated women's professional wrestling circuit, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, based on true events. It's based around Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress who auditions along with dozens of other women for the professional wrestling promotion, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Ruth is at odds with GLOW's director Sam Sylvia due to her tendency to overact. Her former best friend, a retired soap opera actress, arrives at the ring and their confrontation promises to make or break the show.  The first season is already ready to binge, with season two coming soon! 

Russell Howard: Recalibrate

 I love stand up comedy and Russell Howard is one of my favourites to watch. This Netflix special is absolutely hilarious, I cry-laughed watching it, it's that good. It covers politics, childhood and why he's a jerk in the most hilarious way. He also throws crap at Love Island which I found hilarious even though I love the show, he makes some valid points about it. I've watched this twice now and it made me crack up laughing both times. He has this bit about The Queen that is one of the funniest bits for me. 

What are your favourite things to watch on Netflix?



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