Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Straightener Reviewed

When it comes to my hair, I am always using heat tools and it's almost always straighteners. I only really like my hair straight and anything else just doesn't feel like me so I'm always looking for the best set. My hair is stupidly long and some straighteners can be quite difficult to glide through my hair but I have fallen in love with these!
Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Straightener Reviewed
Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Straightener Reviewed
Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Straightener Reviewed
Lee Stafford has been one of my go-to hair brands ever since I was a teenager so I am a long time fan! I don't think you can honestly beat the results and quality of the hair products and hair tools for the price, I have had nothing but good experiences. This is the Rainbow Shine Straighter that has to be one of the prettiest hair tools I have ever seen! I do also have the curler from the range that creates such beautiful curls and there is also a hairdryer in the range too. 

In the box, you get the straightener (of course) but you also get a heat mat to protect surfaces while in use as well as a tidy case to store your new heat tool in - it's great for travel and super pretty! This hair tool has a special electroplated finish to make every rainbow shine, unique! The plates of the straightener have a really cool oil-slick colour to them and I just love this about them as some straighteners are so boring when it comes to presentation. These have a mainly purple theme and they feel like such fantastic value for money and are only £39.99 at the moment.  

The straightener itself is easy to hold and pretty lightweight too. What I love about this is that it heats up to 240 degrees quickly and actually stays hot while you use it, some straighteners will cool down slightly after a while. It comes with a 3m cord to make it easier to use if you don't have a plug right next to you. One of the cool features about this is that is features a lock button on them so you can clamp the straighteners together for storage. I have never had a pair of straighteners with this and it makes a pretty big difference, honestly! 

I love these and I don't think I could go back to the ones I was using previously now which were actually triple the price! You can control the temperature to your preference but I personally prefer to do my hair on the hottest one but with quick strokes through my hair as I find that it works better for me for keeping my hair poker straight. I haven't experienced any further damage since I started using them but I do like to use a heat protecting spray beforehand to ensure that my hair stays as strong and healthy as possible. These glide through my hair with ease and keep my hair straight all day long. You can create lovely curls with them too which I do often do if I want to do something a little different for a special occasion. 

If you are in need of some new heat tools, I do highly recommend Lee Stafford as they are such great value for money and have never failed me. They also have fantastic customer service from my experience over the years and my heat tools and always lasted me years! 

You can find the Rainbow Shine Straightener - HERE


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