Style Freedom Hair Care Favourites

I love trying out new hair care and I also hate it at the same time as I never know if my hair is going to like the products or not. I had been using the same styling products for months now but I was really excited to try out some Style Freedom products as I had been interested in them every time I browse the Superdrug website and they haven't disappointed!
Style Freedom Hair Care Favourites
These are my favourite products that I have tried from the range that I know for sure I will be repurchasing once I finish them as they work so well on my hair. I have ridiculously long hair and it's so hard to brush after washing so I always try to use a detangler. The Style-Freedom Detangler has been a life-saver lately and makes it so easy to brush my hair now without having to tug and pull at it. I mainly use this on wet hair but you can use this on dry hair and it's suitable for all hair types, even children! It adds so much softness to my hair as well without any build-up.

After I have used the Detangler, I like to use an oil as the ends of my hair can be quite dry so I have been testing out the Rejuvenating Oil for a couple of weeks now. I am so fussy with hair oils and this one has just replaced my holy grail oil that I had been using every single time I washed my hair for the last couple of years - it's that good!! It isn't at all greasy on my hair and adds so much hydration back into my hair without weighing my hair down. It has Vitamin A & E in as well as Anti-Oxidant and UV Protection for even more added benefits. If you have quite dry and damaged hair like I do, then you need to try this out as my hair has been so silky since I have been using this!

Once I have used the oil, I usually will blow dry my hair so I have been using the Heat Shield to help prevent heat damage. I have got to admit, I haven't really been using any heat protection for a while but I have been noticing a massive improvement since I started using one again! This one doesn't leave the hair feeling sticky in the slightest and does a fantastic job at making sure my hair remains strong and healthy. I've also noticed that this has some hydrating benefits too which I am all about! These three products are my go-to products for most days but I have also really been using the Pure Shine and the Straight 'N' Sleek as well. If my hair is looking a little lack-lustre, I will use the Pure Shine through the mids-to ends of my hair and it injects so much gloss onto my hair while combating any frizz! I do have to be careful not to use too much though.

While my hair is pretty much straight, it does have a weird wave sometimes to it so I like to use straightening products on it every now and again when I blow dry it which is where Straight 'N' Sleek comes in. This has been designed for those with curly, frizzy or wavy hair to lock in a smooth and straight style. It's extremely hydrating on the hair and I love that it is silicone free. These results can last up to two shampoos which I think is amazing!

You can find all these products and more at Superdrug - HERE.

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