Why You Need a Wet Brush

My hair can be quite unmanageable at times. It's extremely long and on the thicker side and I can't tell you how many hair brushes I have broken just trying to brush it over the years. I haven't used a paddle style brush in what feels like forever but I have quickly become converted to the Wet Brush.
Wet Brush
Wet Brush
Wet Brush
I have honestly wanted to try a Wet Brush for the longest time after hearing everybody raving about them. I am a long time lover of the Tangle Teezer so I was excited to see if they compared at all but they are actually completely different. I do find myself grabbing my Wet Brush more often now, I think I might prefer it! This is the limited edition purple watercolour design, this design is available in two other colours and Wet Brush do offer so many different coloured brushes and sizes depending on what you are looking for. I also have one of the keyring brushes but I have actually been using it to brush my lionhead rabbit - she seems to love it and it keeps her tangle free!

This detangling brush is extremely lightweight and easy to hold. It has been designed for specifically brushing throughout wet hair without any painful tugging or pulling. It claims to be a must-have for those with unmanageable hair! The bristles have been carefully crafted to improve manageability and reduce breakages for a super-smooth and frizz-free finish. The bristles are strong, thin and actually quite flexible that makes brushing my hair effortless. This brush features exclusive ultra-soft polytips to help protect the hair and they are ideal for sensitive scalps. 

I can't believe how much easier this makes brushing my hair! It glides through any knots and tangles and doesn't make brushing my hair a painful or uncomfortable experience anymore. I have also noticed that my breakage hasn't been half as bad since I started using this and not nearly as much hair falls out when I do use a Wet Brush. My hair has looked and felt so much smoother since I started using it a couple of weeks ago and I love using it on damp and dry hair. It makes parting my hair easier too as usually, I find my hair to be extremely different to brush after washing towards the roots! If you have long hair like I do or find brushing to be a little uncomfortable then you need to try one of these out soon!

The Purple Watercolour Wet Brush retails for £13 at Beauty Bay - HERE.


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