Essence Gel Nail Base & Top Coat Review

I am always raving about Essence products, it's no secret I am a massive fan of the brand! I love how affordable the products are and that they are also cruelty-free. I haven't tried too many of their nail products so I was excited to test out this duo after hearing how great it is. 
Essence Gel Nail Base & Top Coat Review
The Gel Base & Top Coat from Essence retail for £2.50 each and I was super excited to try them out because my nail polish never lasts as long as I would like, it usually only lasts for a couple of days before it starts to chip. This duo claims to make your nail polish last 60% longer and add extreme shine. I love glossy nails but I don't often use base and/or top coat as I rarely find one that I like enough to remember to use but then I tried these ones! 

At £2.50 a pop you can't get much better value for money if you ask me. Having tried quite a few different base and top coats, I can honestly say that this is one of stand out products and definitely is one of the best products I have tried so far this year. The base coat dries incredibly quickly and I do find that you achieve the best results when you use the combination of the two, I have used both of them separately and together so it is worth purchasing both from my experience. The base coat ensures that any nail polish applies smoothly without any texture issues. 

The top coat is by far one of my favourites, it is incredibly glossy and does give that high shine effect that actual gel nails would. But what I love the most about it is how it leaves my nails feeling. It leaves them feeling so much stronger and super smooth - it is one of the smoothest top coats I have ever used! As it isn't thick, it also dries super quickly just like the base coat. The combination of the two makes my nail polish last for almost a full week before chipping which is seriously impressive for my nails! I tried it with so many different nail polish brands and achieved excellent results every time. I used it on some of the polishes that would usually chip within 24 hours and it is just so impressive with how long it makes my polish last. 

The Essence Gel Base & Top Coat retails for £2.50 each at Wilko - HERE


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