Flamingo Candles Spring/Summer 2018

I am obsessed with candles, I am always burning one, espically when I'm blogging and Flamingo Candles is one of my favourite candle brands. When this parcel arrived with these new scents I was so excited to get burning them and I am obsessed. These might be come of my favourite candle scents yet!
Flamingo Candles Spring/Summer 2018
Flamingo Candles Spring/Summer 2018
Flamingo Candles Spring/Summer 2018
Flamingo Candles Spring/Summer 2018If you like super sweet scents with a fruity touch, you'll fall in love with Rainbow Candy. It is a very strong candle so it works perfectly in larger and more open spaces and fills my house with the gorgeous fragrance. This smells like sweets from my childhood and is a sweet shop dream of a scent. I love the little glittery star and rainbow on the front of it too. Another scent that reminds me of my childhood is Bunny Kisses. I was so excited to see this candle because I love the little bunny with a crown on the front of the candle and I hadn't tried this scent before! This candle has the notes of juicy rhubarb and creamy caramel vanilla custard and smells like exactly like the rhubarb and custard sweets! This is another candle with a fantastic yet strong scent throw and it honestly fills my whole house with fragrance. I need to get another one of these asap!

Anything with vanilla is something I know I will love and the Vanilla & Ylang Ylang candle didn't disappoint! This is a more sophisticated vanilla scent as it isn't sickly sweet and I do really love it, it's one of the best vanilla scents I have come across. This has been my go-to candle for pamper nights and I love burning while I have a bubble bath and read a book. I love the tin candles from Flamingo Candles and if you love a good floral scent, you need to try out Primrose and Sweet Pea. This is a gorgeous floral scent that I actually really like, floral scents aren't usually my favourite but this isn't too intense for me. With the tin candles, you get around 40 hours of burn time and I have actually finished both of the tin candles in this post already because I love them so much. This scent is perfect for the living room as it smells like you have fresh flowers out every day!

And the final new candle from Flamingo Candles is my favourite and it is Seek Everyday Magic. This is an apple lemon butter scented candle with notes of fresh crisp apples, lemon, green herbal nuances all on a buttery base. This is honestly one of the best candle scents I have ever come across and I need a thousand of these, it is a very fresh fruity scent that is perfect for this time of year. I love the crisp apple notes and it works so well with the lemon and buttery notes. This candle has phenomenal scent throw and just like Bunny Kisses, it can easily fill my whole house with the fragrance. I really love the packaging of this candle too. 

Flamingo Candles are one of my top two candle brands because all of the candles actually smell when you burn them and they are such great value for money. I have spent £30+ on candles that throw no scent whatsoever but Flamingo Candles always have such great scent throws. All of the candles are hand-poured in the UK using natural soy wax. The tin candles retail for £8.50 and the classic jars are £12 each. Flamingo Candles not only have some of the best-scented candles but they also package and present them brilliantly.

You can find Flamingo Candles - HERE.


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