Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Nail Polish Duo Review (+ Swatches)

The Nails Inc nail polish duos have been my weakness lately! I think I own all but one of them now and I'm sure I will have that final one soon. The reason I like these so much is that they are great value for money. One Nails Inc polish is usually around £11 but you get two full-size polishes for only £15.
Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Nail Polish Duo
Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Nail Polish Duo
Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Nail Polish Duo
Finding nail polishes that are actually holographic is a bit of a struggle as many brands market their products as holographic when reality, they are just glittery. This is the Holler-Graphic Nail Polish Duo and both of these polishes are actually holographic - hooray! Both of the polishes come in the standard Nails Inc square bottles and I do really like the packaging, it has a very luxe feel to it. The caps of the polishes pull off to reveal smaller, circler caps that actually make it easier when it comes to painting your nails. The two polishes included are:

- Ghetto Galactic: mauvy pink based linear holographic
- Rocket Fuel: Silver based linear holographic

When applying these polishes, I found that I needed to apply a couple more thin coats than I would usually to make sure that the holographic effect is as intense as I had seen in the promo photos online. I don't mind doing the extra coats as I find with Nails Inc polishes they last really well with my nails so if I know it's going to last a while, it's not a problem. I did three thin coats of each shade and I love the effect it has on the nails. I was expecting these polishes to have a little bit of grit to them but they are very smooth and have the same finish as a creme polish would. I love the brush of these polishes as it's the perfect width to fit the nails perfectly without getting excess polish on the skin around the nails. Both polishes dry extremely quickly and I don't find the need to use a top coat with these as they are so long-wearing already.

I have been really enjoying holographic nail polishes as I spend a lot of time outside for the effects to actually show. When the polishes arrived and I saw them in the bottle, they honestly looked a little dull and I wasn't expecting them to be as good as they actually are so don't let this put you off! Out of the light, these polishes are just silver and pink but as soon as the light hits them - they turn super holographic! It's much more intense than what it's picking up on camera and I'm obsessed! Rocket Fuel is what I think of when I think of holographic polishes because of the silver base colour but I was so surprised at how much I love Ghetto Galactic. I don't usually like pink nail polishes but I love how this one looks on the nails and the holo is stunning. I know in the Summer these polishes are going to be used a tonne!

The Nails Inc Holler-Graphic Duo retails for £15 at John Lewis - HERE.


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