Summer Ready: Guide to Laser Hair Removal For The Summer (AD)

 Stubborn body hair is a struggle at the best of times - but with bikini season fast approaching, have you considered laser hair removal?

As the weather hots up so do our outfits; lounging around in nothing but a bikini in your back garden and sipping cocktails is so exciting. You know what’s not so exciting? Turning down a last-minute invite to your friends’ pool party because you forget to shave ‘down there’ this morning. It’s embarrassing but happens to the best of us. Be better prepared with laser hair removal this summer. 

I spoke to the Laser Hair Removal London specialists at Courthouse Clinics to give you the whole truth about laser hair treatments. Why should you switch from razor to laser? Here’s what we discovered:

Let’s start with the basics, your bikini line. Let’s not sugar coat things - this area is a complete nightmare when it comes to shaving. It can irritate the skin leaving cuts and marks which open up a gateway for bacteria to enter your skin. On a more personal level, it can toughen your skin - stubble in summer? Not a good look.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, removes the irritation caused by a sharp razor. In a painless procedure, that takes around 30 minutes, laser hair removal clients leave feeling silky smooth. What’s more, it removes approximately 80 to 90% of all hair for results that last for longer. 
How does laser hair removal work? 

In a nutshell, laser hair removal is the process of running a laser across problem areas where you want to remove stubborn hair. The light energy is absorbed by pigment, heating the hair root and stunting hair growth. It’s a reasonably simple procedure when performed by a professional so do your research before signing on the dotted line.
How many treatments will I need for the best results? 

Summer is creeping up on us fast, so fast that you will blink and it will be gone. Will laser hair removal have the desired effect in time for the summer season? It will take an estimated six sessions to remove all body hair, whether that’s your bikini line, arms, legs, chest or underarms. While people experience different levels of pain, laser hair removal is not known for being effortless. The feeling you will experience is similar to that of an elastic band snapping across the skin. However, with the assistance of a cooling gel, the pain is soon relieved. 
The benefits of laser hair removal:

Shaving and waxing are, for many, a common type of hair removal. They deal with the immediate problem of unwanted hair but come with many irritations like ingrown hairs and damaged skin. Laser hair removal is a safe way to combat troublesome hair hiccups. Aside from the apparent benefits, here are some reasons to consider laser hair removal:

1) It’s cheaper in the long run. As well as saving time on trips to the beauty salon, you will save money. Whether you pay for a professional waxing service or buy razors and waxing strips, over time, this does add up. Laser hair removal is a service that avoids paying out a pretty penny for at home treatments.

2) It’s 100% safe. Lasers were proven to be safe following 20 years’ of scientific testing, giving you peace of mind. If you do have any concerns, these can be raised at your initial consultation, and your mind will be put at rest that you are getting the best advice possible.

3) It works on shaved hairs. Don’t you just hate those two weeks between shaves when your legs are horribly hairy? Unlike other treatments that require a certain length of hair to work, laser hair removal actually works better on shaved legs. So you don’t have to suffer from regrowth during treatments. 
Laser hair removal clinics in London. 

There are thousands of laser hair removal clinics in London so choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. We are here to make your life so much easier. After speaking to Courthouse Clinics, we would recommend them to anyone looking for doctor-led cosmetic treatments in the capital. They offer everything from laser hair removal to botox in a friendly, supportive environment that gives you complete control. Their experienced team of doctors and aestheticians are there to make sure you step out of the clinic feeling at your absolute best, so you are definitely in safe hands.

Looking to find out more information? Or are ready to book a consultation? Speak to Courthouse Clinics on 0203 907 8827.

Have you ever had laser hair removal? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let me know in the comments. 


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